Saturday, September 25, 2010


Happy Saturday everyone!! And Happy FALL!! Even though the 90 degree weather really makes you second guess whats on the calendar. BUT, the nice meteorologist that I watch every night promised cooler temps tomorrow AND rain. WHOO HOO!!

This week passed, along with all the business that followed and I survived... still pregnant. Although my contractions are increasing and my Dr. said I am 1 cent. Dilated already and 25% effaced. Not bad for only 36 weeks. He also said if I were to go into labor all will be well and they would not try and stop it. PERFECT! Bring it on! Im ready!

In the meantime im still filling my schedule with normal life activities and trying to get this house de-cluttered and clean before my sweet girl arrives. My bedroom has pink clothes and baby things ALL OVER!! I tried to get a handle on it last night while hubby played Xbox. (remember his weekend hobby with my cousin?) I got much accomplished but I still can't find the bottom of her crib. Ha! But im not complaining at all. Seriously! I just am constantly reminded how much God has blessed me these past few months. A trip to wal-mart will be taken this week for bins to neatly pack and label clothing for a few months down the line. But I just L-O-V-E all this pink. Im in heaven.

Anyway enough of my babble, lets get to the cute pictures. My church baby shower was just precious!! I was humbled at the women who gave me such nice, cute gifts and could not thank them enough.

These pictures are just some of the precious little things I received. Can you believe it? The gifts keep pouring in too... from family, neighbors and even the mail lady. Ha! God is so good... really!

Some gifts I can't show you because they are personalized with her name and that is still a surprise... so we shall see after I introduce her to y'all. =) Hopefully via Vlog... just waiting for the laptop.

Hey don't judge me for vlogging in the hospital all you finger pointers... you know you all are glued to your smartphones on Facebook, twitter and all that other stuff that makes communicating a GREAT event like this possible. =) Lets not forget texting and picture messaging via iphones and blackberries so save your hatin for someone else. ;)

Anyway, I must be going. Lots to do and clean and organize. Tonight cousin Neal will be arriving (along with pizza) for a very long intense game of Xbox with the hubby and I will be doing some Beth Moore "Daniel" homework... OH MY is this study G-R-E-A-T. It gets better and better each week. Im blown away. I was telling hubby that EVERY christian woman neeeeeddddddsssss to do this study with the video session. Its life changing and as usual reveals how great our God is!!!

Have a GREAT weekend and God bless...


  1. my fav- the toile onesie!!!! so beautiful!
    I miss you and wish I could of been there!
    Tell the husband to call me asap if anything happens- remember I don't do texting, so I will have no idea!!!
    So exciting!!!!

  2. How awesome that you had a wonderful shower! What a blessing... Good progress too, Mama! I had my midwife check me too this week out of curiosity. ;) Have a great weekend!

  3. have a wonderful all the baby gifts you got.;)

  4. Thanks for sharing photos of your baby shower. So fun. I love the pink and brown items, cute....lots of cute things. Babies are so fun to shop for. I'd send you something if I had your address! Hugs and will be praying and waiting for the news!God's blessings to all of you!

  5. I stopped by to see if she had arrived...the clothes are just too precious...maybe I can get some of these for a granddaughter one day.
    Blessings on the final stretch



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