Saturday, September 4, 2010

Our Sept. 1st Tradition

Every September 1st we celebrate the beginning of fall ( or what we hope will bring fall quicker) by baking apple pies. The tradition started many years ago when my older kids were little. By the time August was coming to a close, we were tired of summer, the hot temperatures and summer in general. Even though September was still sometimes hot in NY, we wanted to jump right into Fall... and what is more fall then the smell of apple pie cooking in the oven??

The tradition continued and now, many many years later we look forward to our September 1st apple pie... the start of all things fall in our home.

Here are some pictures from this past wednesday and the yumminess we had =)


  1. I love wonderful traditions like that that we make for our children! :) How special...

    I've been hoping that you're doing well lately! Take care!! And... COME ON FALL! ;)

  2. What a fun tradition! It cools down noticeably for us in September- such a welcome relief!


  3. what a wonderful tradition..I love the did a great job..I want a piece with milk please.;)

  4. What a fun time. Apple pie is a favorite at our house. I have not made a pie yet but I did make an apple cake that was to die for.



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