Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our September 1St Apple Pie

Every year on September 1st the smells of a home made apple pie can be smelled coming from our home. This tradition was started very early in my marriage after a long summer and a strong yearning for fall. September to me, means pumpkins, cool mornings, changing leaves and APPLES!!! Apple Pie is our family favorite! We look forward to September 1st as the official start of apple season in my home. This year was no different. A delicious pie was baked, and topped off with whipped cream and ice cream. After we ate our hearts out we went outside and had relay races back and forth in the yard. They ran off all their sugar and Jason and I enjoyed the show.
 Next year we will have to graduate to 2 pies. One is just not enough anymore. There will be many more pies baked between now and Thanksgiving. Apples on the trees are no longer safe. We are headed up to the mountains to pick some juicy fruit very soon. Each child will be handed a bag and off they will go... running thru the orchard. They will come back to us with their bags bursting... their little arms straining to hold their heavy treasure. They will have sticky hands and juicy mouths and tons of memories to last a lifetime. I LOVE September 1st!


  1. Super cute tradition! Hey, Maybe I will make Neil an apple pie with our new kitchenAid - (that I have yet to use!) Apple pie is also Neil's favorite!!! ~ If you don't mind maybe I will include the Wyler Family (UT Branch) in that yummy tradition!!!

  2. That would be so awesome!! Wylers all around celebrating September 1st. Lol. I never meant for it to be a tradition... it kinda happened years ago and now everyone loves it. (Jason loves it the

  3. What a great tradition!
    Now I'm hungry...



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