Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We Did It!!!

Well we made it! We drove up to NC and picked a bunch of apples. What fun!! It started off kinda bad. 2 Miles down the road a bee happened to fly into our van and stung Noah right on the leg. He was a screaming lunatic! We had no clue what happened, so I make my way back and see that he has the bee CAUGHT in his hand and he is STILL screaming. I yell at Jason to pull over and yell at Noah to let go (of coarse I should have grabbed it out of his hands but since I was so scared of the thing I kinda just swatted it... yeah nice mom I know) Anyway after a few minutes of trying to calm him down we were off. The drive was amazing and beautiful! Jason rigged the portable dvd player in the van so we could have some peace and quiet during the trip. Boy did that work!
 When we got to Skytop we had to turn onto their driveway... no one mentioned that their driveway was about 3 miles long going up at about an 80 degree angle. My poor black van... we thought she would never make it, but we did. We had a lovely time picking apples, climbing trees and eating juicy golden fruit. We stayed a few hours and pigged out on donuts and played on the playground. It was a great day! This saturday we will be headed up to another mountain for our church pig pickin. Yum I can't wait. An afternoon filled with fresh air and good eats. What could be better than that?

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  1. Sounds so wonderfully 'fallish.' Poor Noah. I can't believe he caught the bee. Have you ever been to a pig pickin before? Sometimes the head is still on...



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