Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Daily Schedules and Stuff....

Here are a few charts we have hanging on our kitchen wall. People always wonder how I manage a house with 5 kids and a hubby. Well here is a glimpse. Its a team effort! Everyone does their share. SOme kids are too little to help(like Abby-girl) and some need a little more "direction" in listening (MOLLY!) but together we get the jobs done.
 Chart #1 is our chore chart. Its followed every day and I make sure they get done. I have to re direct Molly and remind the older girls but all in all the chart really is a success. its color coded so their is NO EXCUSE! And if chores are forgotten, they lose privileges. Most of the chores are done in the A.M after breakfast and before school. Other chores are thrown in as needed. A lot of help is needed to keep this home neat and tidy and clean. Of coarse if we have something else planned for the day then we get them done as soon as we are home and settled.
 Chart #2 is our home schooling chart. I don't have times blocked out like last years chart... for a good reason. I don't want to be rushed teaching and I don't want the kids being rushed learning. If grammar or math takes a little longer one day and shorter the next then we re adjust. Its just a simple basic goal chart so the kids know what's coming next and they have a basic sense of order. Its not "written" in stone and can be thrown out for special event days and such.
 Chart #3 is a list of some really good thinking questions I found on the internet. Its great to re-read them and discuss them with the kids. Some words are large and need explaining but every few months we go over them again. I enjoy hearing how their answers change... especially with the little ones. These are questions I would always like them to have in the back of their minds as they go about their business.
 Thats about it for now. Just some of my "secrets" to managing my home. I would love to hear feedback on how others manage theirs!!!


  1. Great questions! Good for us to ask ourselves, too.

  2. sooo cool will you come over and make us chore charts! Leah need some help in that department :)



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