Monday, September 8, 2008

Manic Mondays...

Mondays just are not fun! No matter how you look at it they stink. Mondays have a certain feel to them. Don't you agree?? The house has weekend dirt around, your body just can't move as fast as a tuesday or thursday and time seems to last twice as long.
 Today is no different in my home. We had such a great weekend together. Now its sad to see it all end. Nothing spectacular was done, just hanging out but it just seemed really nice. Now to pick up the pieces and get this week started. Already I realized my library program is two hours earlier than originally thought. Now my dinner plans will have to be revised and updated. Joy!!
 On a lighter note, Jason finally put the full size bed up in Hannah's room. She was thrilled as was Papa who thought he was moving in! He followed Jason into the girls room dragging his pillow,blankie and doggie. His screeches of delight were heartbreaking. He finally thought he was allowed to officially stay in the room. Once bedtime came and we attempted to put him to bed in his own room he just crumpled. His hands covered his face, he sunk to the floor and silently wept. Hannah could not resist and before long he was tucked in her bed right beside his favorite toys. You could not imagine a happier little boy.
 The new year of homegroups  started this weekend. We gathered at our church for dinner and fellowship. The kids junked out on cookies and cake and we were able to get a few sentences of adult conversation. SO nice. 4 women in our group including myself are expecting. That makes 8 women in our church... so far. The numbers keep growing.
 My pool part was a success! The pool was open and empty! We enjoyed 3 hours of splashing and playing. My kids were beyond pruned when done. To be honest though, im sick and tired of the pool. In my mind im in sweaters drinking hot cocoa.
 Im off. I must continue with home schooling today. This monday is very strange. I can even feel it in my blog! I can't wait for the weekend!!!

P.S. I bought a lot of really cute bows this weekend... I will post more pictures later! I also will be buying more next week. I can't wait!!!!!

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