Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Preggo Project

The time has come for me to start painting again. For anyone that knows me, knows that when Im pregnant my paintbrushes come out. Not only do I crave every type of food under the sun, But I also get this insane, strong urge to spread color on every blank wall I get my hands on. My old house was pained every color I loved by the time I moved and I LOVED IT!!!
 My new house is perfect. Better than a blank canvas. So many colors and options to choose from. Jason and I spent time at Lowes this weekend sorting thru endless color displays. The kids gave their opinions and picked..I mean FOUGHT over which color to paint the upstairs bedrooms and bathroom. Molly of coarse wants orange. Orange walls, bedspread,hair,clothes. You name it and she wants it orange. Yuck! My least favorite color... But since she is so cute, I think the color is actually growing on me.
 Anyway, my walls are taped and spotted with all sorts of colors. In a few weeks I will pick the color that aggravates me the least and that will be the lucky winner!! (yes, I wrote aggravate. Im pregnant and weird. Deal) Jason and I will empty the walls and the time will come to smear color all over. I can't wait. I get giddy just thinking about it. I will keep you posted on the process. Until then wish me luck. I picked up about a thousand different choices and you all know that choices just aren't my thing! 


  1. I'm with Molly. I love orange, or 'pumpkin,' as my paint chip says... I would love a pumpkin living room. So warm and cozy!

  2. yes pumpkin colored walls would rock!!! I can't wait to see them up close I already like the first two colors on your top pic!



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