Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More to Write About...

Ok, I can't help it. Im FINALLY having a "good day" and feel like blogging my heart out. This is my THIRD post of the day!!! Insane. But I can't help it. My brain finally feels like its working again. After endless weeks of laying on the couch and horrible morning sickness I feel life entering my body. I can't guarantee what tomorrow brings but until then I will do what I can.
 Friday is another big shopping day for us. Jason so kindly requested the day off to help me. Im usually not the type that needs help or likes to ask for help BUT since getting dressed seems like a major feat... i'll take it! Im posting my shopping list in knowing if i publicly write it I won't lose it! Smart huh? My house needs some major de-cluttering and TLC so less paper is GREAT!
 Im not going to bore you with boring details on every piece of bread and bean I buy. But my list of extras are LONG! First stop:
1) Look for pretty foyer basket to hold excess shoes and flip flops
2) Need new garbage can. Ours is UGLY and never holds the bag correctly
3) Fall decor... a pumpkin or wreath or something fall-y for the house. (YIPPIEEE)
4)Look at bathroom decor for Powder room (Yes, it really is called a powder room... check the floor plans) I need wall decor, another bath mat and garbage can...rust/maroon/brushed bonze colors
5)Harvest kitchen towels... just because they are so pretty!

Jordan's Closet:
1) More hair bows for my girls in all colors including stripes and polk-a-dots. Need to add to my collection and feed my latest addiction

Hobby Lobby:
*** Must print 2 40% off coupons for my purchase***
1) Small wooden shelf with small bar on it
2) Small bottle white craft paint
3) Pink/green/brown ribbon
(this is so I can make a new bow holder for the girls room =)
4) Another harvest candle... mine is almost all done. It makes the house smell SOOO nice

*** Print out 2 40% off coupons for my purchase***
1) If no basket is found at wal-mart then check here!
2) Pumpkin sachets for bathroom.(I buy them every year here and the smell lasts forever)
3)Small magnetic pad for near the phone.

1) Price fire place guards and tools.

1) Since my dear sweet hubby is coming with me, maybe he will treat me to some type of awesome country chicken that Country boy's sell so I can put it on top of my cabinets to start my nice beautiful collection... hint hint. One can  hope right?  ;)

Thats all I can think of for now. I know there is more. I will add as I remember. Right now I must prepare my pork roast for the oven and clean my messy kitchen. Tomorrow is a busy day. Im hosting a back-to-school-splish splash party at my pool for all of our homeschool families at our church. I hope the pool is still open!!! Otherwise I will have lots of unhappy kids. Ooppss! I 


  1. Amy5.5...I don't ever get to see you, but know I LOVE reading your blog (as mentioned before) and love how you run your family and all the neat traditions you do.

  2. Oh yeah, have you started home schooling the kiddies yet? If so, I hope it's going well. Oh, no - I'm sorry you have had morning sickness - bummer!!!

  3. yay for going out to get stuff I love shopping for fall when are you putting decorations up? I was just asking someone else this yesterday I love decorating for fall and hobby lobby always has cute stuff there, oh and how much are the bows at JC? I love bows too!! hee hee



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