Monday, September 15, 2008

My Football Boys

This weekend was full of Football. When not screaming for the SC GAMECOCKS Jason is an avid and loyal fans of one of the best teams in the nation...The NY GIANTS!!! He wears his jersey proud on game days and is teaching his son to do the same. "Daddy Football, Football...." Thats what Noah screamed when Jay turned on the game. Emma went and got his jersey and Jason could not put it on him fast enough. Living in the south we don't get NY games very often so Jason subscribed to the football package on direct tv. Lucky me. My weekends now consist of every game in the known universe. He can even watch 6 at once. Oh joy!!
 This past weekend was not different. Our beloved GAMECOCKS lost... much to Jasons disproval. They are currently being punished... No flag outside our car window. On a brighter note, our GIANTS won! complete victory. Yells and screams in our home were not in vain. 
 A GAMECOCKS jersey is in the mail... any day another one will show up at our door and will be worn on weekends. Even Abby has her GAMECOCKS bow. (Jason said it was because she took her bow off that they lost) Next week I will be sure all kids are wearing their proper colors.
 Besides our weekend of football, life in our home was quiet and peaceful. Church was great and dinners were yummy. As usual time flew and now we are back to work at the kitchen table, 4 loads of laundry that need cleaning and dirty bathrooms abound. What fun mondays bring!!!

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