Monday, August 31, 2009

I cannot blog today for I have many things to do. We are getting ready for tomorrow!! Our Traditional September 1st celebration. Do you remember what that is?? You can read HERE for an update. Oh how we love September 1st!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Sundays have always been special. Our routines are different and a sense of relaxation invades us. Today just the children and I went to church. Much to my sadness hubby was called into work. Amazingly we had a hot breakfast of pancakes and orange juice and still made it to church on time. Off to the classrooms the 3 little ones went and the older girls and I headed up to the balcony. Today was family Sunday... a day where kids and parents get to worship together. While I was reading the notes for todays sermon, I came across a few sentences that spoke directly to my heart.

" We live in a day of divine rebuilding." Let this be an encouragement to you when you feel ruined and fallen and broken down like a booth in the wilderness.

Speak to yourself from this scripture that this is a day of repair and a day of rebuilding.

God is in the process of repairing and rebuilding our lives by His grace.

This was taken from reading Acts 15:16,17

Last night I was just discussing with Hubby that I know God has so much to do in me. Im so happy He can change all those horrible traits that I can't stand having. In doing so, I look forward to seeing how those changes will benefit my family.
I almost didn't go to church today. The Mr. had work and sometimes hauling all 5 kids shiny and dressed in their Sunday best is hard work, But Im so thankful I did! I would have missed these very important words that spoke directly to my heart.
Tonight we go back to church for a connection dinner. Its our 3rd one since we moved down here... its starting to feel like tradition and that feels nice.
Today my heart yearns for snow??? Really strange since I live in the south... but it just means that for me, summer is coming to an end. Cool days are ahead, hot chocolate and warm soups on the menu and snuggles by the fireplace are sure to follow. Until then, I will enjoy these warm sunday afternoons, take our Sunday "rests" and just be.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Stay at home, my heart, and rest. Home keeping hearts are happiest." Longfellow

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Soft Nudge...

Over the past 5 years God has been nudging me to read this book. It was first introduced to me many moons ago at a Mums meeting at a friends church. Molly was an infant, and children #4 and 5 were not even a thought. The book came highly recommended so I placed an order... 3 months later at another meeting the books arrived. I had forgotten my money so I let my good friend purchase the book instead. I didn't mind, I don't read child raising books and never have. I felt perfectly fine to let this pass by me as well.
Fast forward time 4 years and we now live in the south and have just begun home schooling. Again, in my moms group this book is mentioned. Of coarse all moms sang its praise and after two seconds of interest, I snubbed my nose at child raising books. I don't believe in them. To me, it was common sense. Teach them right from wrong, stop tantrums... do you all really need a book for that? I happen to mention it to a friend that I was going to read that book but the opportunity passed me by.
"Oh, I have an extra copy for you... do you want it??"
"um sure..."( I can't pass up a free book, after all im not stupid!!)
"Ok, I'll slip it in your mailbox once I get around to it."
She herself had 4.5 children and was packing up her home for an out of state move. A few days later I opened my box and retrieved the familiar cover that I had seen so many times before.
I thought it was cool and re-read the introduction, placed it on my nightstand and there it sat....for 14 months....
I moved it around. Sometimes it was on the top of my pile of books, then it would get moved to the bottom or in between.
What now?? You ask?? Hold on...Im getting to it.. I was visiting one of my newly favorite blogs. ( Yes, Im also a blog snob and have a small select few I will read...) and almost fell off my chair. She was a HS mom of 9 and her goals and reasonings for schooling were all EXACTLY the same as mine... so similar it scared me. I mentioned it to Jason and had to double check to make sure it wasn't ME writing it. Even he was impressed at the similarities.
As I soaked in everything she had to say over the last few months I came across an entry about Child discipline.This book was mentioned... again!!! She wrote about this book not as a step by step how to book but as a guide into the heart of your child.
Again, I felt like God was hitting me over the head... as He has to do quite often. Im kinda dense... speaking into the heart of my children and getting to know their hearts has been something I have been praying about the last few weeks. With some hesitation I walked into my bedroom and found the old dusty book and began reading.
This book is based on Luke 6:45 "...out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks..."
What is even better is that the kids and I were just discussing a similar verse found in Proverbs 27:19 "As water reflects a face, so a man's heart reflects the man."
Do you see the correlation? We ended up in a lengthy discussion about how our hearts lead to our actions.
Perhaps you don't see the profoundness of it all but I do.
Im on chapter 4 and it really is a great book. It will help me speak to the heart of my child and once I understand their heart, I can guide and instruct them.
Thank you God for waiting 5 years for me to finally listen... who ever said your not patient??


Yesterday the family indulged in some 3 on 3 soccer games. We dragged daddy out as the goalie but once the first kick was done... he was right in there pushing and shoving... I mean playing with the kids. Abby ran around and watched from the slide and occasionally would steal the ball. She immediately would run to me where she knew she would be saved! =)
It was a great way to work off a big comfy dinner. Baths were given to 3 sweaty little kids and off to bed they went.
It was a good day!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Last night I fired up the stove and made some carnival food. The girls help me make and eat delicious funnel cake covered in powdered sugar!! Oh did it bring back memories of sunny day at the beach and trips to the "Wave" for all of us. Good times!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Today (so far) was a truly magnificent wonderful day!! We had our squabbles (molly), time-outs (molly) and moments of not so kind re "directing" ( noah) but all in all today was GOOD!
We started bright and early with breakfast being eaten and chores completed. Before long we gathered in the screen porch and enjoyed the cool morning while reading our daily Proverbs and Psalm. Then for the first time ever, I divided the kids. I had Emma with the little ones while I schooled Molly and Hannah, It went very well. I had un interrupted time with both and within a short amount of time their first part of work was done. Then the switch happened and Hannah entertained the littles while Emma and Molly continued working. (notice the common denominator MOLLY!!) Once my mind was completely blank on ways to occupy and school Molly for today, she was sent in to join the troops for a tv show, out came Hannah and they both finished their work while the fighting began. No worries though, it ended quickly. We hit a small snag with factors and GCF and such... but by noon books were closed. Emma's frustrations reached a peak and food was needed. She will continue her math later. Hot Dogs, fries and string cheese were happily devoured and Wii-cess is taking place... minus one ( who failed to clean under her bed when asked yesterday) So while that one child spends some quality time in her room cleaning, the rest will be letting off some steam and engaging in friendly competition.
We will do our reading this afternoon, journaling in a bit and then call it a day. Its Wednesday!! That means Taco night for us!! Always a happy dinner hour. It will be eaten and cleaned up quick before we pile in our big black van and attempt to drive to church. I say attempt because it over heated yesterday afternoon causing a VERY VERY V-E-R-Y frazzled GapgGirl. Prayerfully a galiant hero flew in on his mighty dragon and saved the day!!! His 4 princesses and very beautiful Queen (hee hee) (and prince in training) were saved from the evil heat and dispair of a parking lot and safely escorted to their Little Red Kingdom. Now the beautiful Queen refuses to drive her Big Black Beauty without the Mighty Handsome King present as an escort. Some might call it fear.... with 5 kids... I call it common sense...!
Anyway, time for me to browse my archives for an old favorite recipe... Funnel cake a.k.a. Apple fritters. The Apples will be omitted. Too close to September 1st!!! It must be saved for that. Im sure I will post pictures of my delicious fried creation. Until then...
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Can You Relate?

Who Says??

Who says Homeschool kids don't get to socialize?

"NOT US!" Squeals 40+ happy homeschool moms and kids who got together for a day of lunch, christian fellowship and Phys Ed.!

Don't you just laugh at some of the silly things people believe when they don't know????

** A special shout out to everyone that was there today. I enjoyed every second of the time shared... and a special thanks to Lisa for opening up her home to controlled chaos,xoxo**

Monday, August 24, 2009

Our Schedule??!!??

Our schedule is still under construction. A lot needs to be changed and perfected. Teaching a large family always has its challenges so basically each day is new but on a perfect day it goes something like this:

8:00- Breakfast on the table, mom drinks coffee, checks email,blog and then away she goes...

9:00- Kids are dressed, morning chores are complete (by all) house is ready to begin schooling

9:30- School books are brought out, pledges are done, memory work is reviewed.

9:45- Devotion/prayer done together

10:00- Older girls entertain and play with younger kids outside or upstairs while I school Molly (5 yo)
Letter learning, Math learning, etc...

10:30- Puzzles brought out for younger kids, Molly does coloring worksheet and older girls start school. I try to have them start with the same subjects so my mind does not have to switch gears too much...

12:00- We break for lunch and have some free time to let off some steam .... Abby goes in for a nap... kitchen and house is cleaned again and ready for round 2!

Depending on when we restructure, school is completed. If its a particularly frazzling day we will just end and finish the next day. I do not hesitate to close books and put them away if the day is not going well. Tears does not equal quality learning. Also, we might spend double time in math if we are on a roll and are really starting to understand a subject, if thats the case other subjects will be shortened and made up the next day.
They are also required to do 30 minutes of chapter reading a day, I read to the younger kids for their reading time. Math drills are done to sharpen multiplication skills but will soon be stopped due to GREAT progress. We will then switch to states and capitals.
On top of independent reading, we read a book together. Hannah needs a bit more special instruction in reading, so with me reading along, it has really helped her confidence and enthusiasm. My goal is to read "Raising Maidens Of Virtue" with them and discuss purity and Godly living.
Emma also has to start literature. The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer will be her first literary work.
Each older girl keeps a journal and I let them write almost every day for 5 minutes.
The only subjects done together on the same level is Science. Molly will join in as a little helper and soak in as much as possible. The science coarse calls for a "buddy" so them working together will work wonderfully.

Our real schooling schedule does not go into effect till next week. Our new year books will not be used until then but we are doing review right now and trying to slowly get back into the swing of things.

I must go. I want to review tomorrows school work and I have to pack. A full day of Phys Ed is in the morning and a day of chatting with other homeschool moms... I can't wait!

Did You Feel It???

This morning, I opened our sliding door and entered our screened porch and felt the cool breezy morning air. The sun was hidden behind some clouds and the birds were busy singing. Before long, the kids followed me out and before long all 7 of us were sitting at the table, talking and starting school. Fall was in the air. It was coming... we still have time before it gets here but its not far behind. I felt it and I can't wait. One week until September 1st. Thats the start of the season in our home. Last night I located the decorations in our garage and smiled as I pulled out all the memories. My list is long of things I wish to add to the lawn this year... scarecrows galore, leaves,gourds,haystacks,cornstalks.... I will be dreaming of pumpkins and mums tonight and counting down the days till I decorate our beautiful Little Red House!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


"If I win Miss Universe I will travel all around the world with my sparkly crown and cute dress and pray for world peace. I will kiss underprivileged children on the cheek and tell them that this too can be them one day. I will show the world how fit I am by wearing a teeny tiny bikini because we all know exercise is done in stilettos.I will base my worth on a number score and cry if Miss So and So gets a better number than me. I will crumble in my late 20's because Im considered old and washed up to the world. I reached my peak at 21.Rude comments will be made towards my outward appearance and I will just add more vaseline to my smile. I will promise to uphold all my Miss Pretty duties and make my country proud.."

* I really DON'T like pageants...* =x

Organized Chaos

I am, not naturally, an organized person. I long to be. I need to be but when left to my own devices... I have junk piles everywhere. The garage is a mess, my magazine rack is overflowing, our bill pile is falling down the back of our fridge and so forth. Having 7 people in our family and countless visitors, I have learned the art of cleaning. I like a clean home and like it to STAY cleaned... but my drawers,closets and own personal space can sometimes be a bit scary.
Last week I cleaned out our lined closet, which I converted to a homeschool/other stuff closet. Our real linen closet is in our master bathroom where we opted for the tub instead of the stand up shower. We needed all extra space! Anyway, that thing was a mess!! I filled a huge garbage bag filled with absolute junk! Now its beautiful and actually peaceful to open the door.
Being a large home school family, we tend to acquire tons of "stuff." papers, books, articles,books, crafts,pens,markers,books everywhere!!! If we are doing a project or a large puzzle, then the project tends to become part of the home until we are done. My kitchen/eating area is our all purpose area. If I don't get it organized then I go insane!! So my goal this week (or perhaps 2 weeks) is to systematically go thru my home, declutter, organize, find places and perhaps think of a better system for whatever I am doing. Chore charts need to be updated and switched around. (which might be the cause of a few spats.) Our schedule still needs to be tweaked and implemented, older children need a bit more motivation ( and a REALLY loud alarm clock) character qualities must be brought in from storage and reviewed...(preferably JOY) and first and foremost each day must be started out in prayer!!!
I will be praying heavily for the next couple of weeks ahead. A lot needs to be done in our Little Red house, and of coarse I will take pictures along the way for you to enjoy. In the meantime we will try and have full homeschool days and work on our memorization.
Some goals we never accomplished last year will be put on the forefront. I will sit down in the evenings and actually put to paper the goals I have for each child this year. I have had them in my head for quite some time but have not written them down yet. Perhaps I will blog them? I have a scripture for each and plan on implementing them in our prayers.
So please forgive me if I don't blog as much as I have been this week. I will surely try! But as you can see, our little Red house will be bustling with activity. Lots of people and lots to do.I must get started...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Poll

Hello my friends. I have added a new poll so get your mouse ready and vote!!! For my friends I see often... don't try to weasel info out of me... My lips are sealed!!!!! For the slim few that might know... shhhh I'll never admit.... ;) have fun. I might even have a giveaway if you leave a comment and let me know what you voted for....

My Larder Is Full...

As you all know, nothing makes me happier than a stocked pantry. Shopping day may be such a chore but when I get home I just love all the re arranging, rotating and inventorying. I have my own list of inventory supplies and always keep up with purchasing the items, that way, when I want to create any of the many recipes I know, I always have the supplies on hand.Plus, if I want to try a new recipe, chances are... I have all that I need.
I don't have a list. I don't have a homemade stock sheet. Its all in my head. I don't work well with organized tools like that. It goes again my grain. I have a scribbled list of things I need, sale items and for the most part... its just all in my head. I browse the stores and know exactly how much I need and how many. Its a skill that has been perfected by YEARS of shopping.
I get home and start unloading. The kids empty the bags onto the table and I am the only one allowed to put groceries away. Some may call this a control thing, but I call it a necessity. I need to know what goes where and how many I have. If someone else does it, then I can't keep a rotating list.
Anyway, this is what my pantry looks like after a shopping day. I still have more to buy. By the time I get done their will be no available shelf space left. I also have a stocked freezer in the garage and shelves for non-perishables which is pretty full too. It may seem like food for an army, but when you have a small army yourself... it goes quickly. Then its off to the store I go and happily buy more.=)

Coming Soon...

My before mess....

Last night Hubby started to assemble my bookshelf... Im so excited. Its the little things...

Friday, August 21, 2009


I want to blog, I really want to but Im watching a very special Hubby assemble my new bookshelf. Im so excited!! Its one of 3. We only bought 1 for now but its a start... I must go play with my books now....

After Dark...

Something happens to kids when the moon comes out. Im convinced. Yesterday was going to be my "all by myself" shopping day! Um... yeah... that never happened. Hubby worked late and by the time I slipped out the door, I had a 45 minute reprieve from the little ones (they were in bed) and my 2 oldest somehow weaseled their way into the big black van! I didn't mind. I really do enjoy their company. I find myself hanging out with them more and more.... I tend to not be able to really appreciate the young ladies they are becoming until all babies are fast asleep. As we were driving down the road they chatted away. I don't feel like I have kids with me when they come along. They make me laugh, have very weird opinions and are creative conversationalists.
We strolled thru Target and they helped me carry a bookshelf to our cart (YAA), we tried on shoes together and laughed ( and bought some). By the time we made it to the cart it was dark!! A storm was rolling in and the air was heavy. My Hannah had left me and appeared in her place was a little dutch boy, with a mix of canadian. She loves creating characters and this one was her newest. Don't ask me where it came from... I have no clue.
As we bounced around from store to store shopping, she entertained us and kept us in stitches. People stared but we didn't care, we were having fun. Her laughter turned to giddiness and then pure hysteria. It was past her bedtime... wayyy past her bedtime and she gets really affected. I guided her back in the van and we drove home. Once we pulled into the driveway of our little red house, that dutch boy left. We amused the hubby with our tales and he rolled his eyes. Boys just don't understand.
This morning she is mellow. She is eating her corn flakes and watching tv. We have more shopping to do... a trip to my favorite home decorating store. I wonder who will appear with us next?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

HomeSchool Day #2

Humor is a great source of stress-relief. Day 2 began this morning. A few tears were shed but not by me!! Behaviors were modified and some work was done!! We said our pledges and stated our new memory verse. We have a lot to memorize this year, including our Church Statement of faith. It is LONG!!! But Hannah needs it to be crowned Honor Star this year so as a family, we will learn. We also have many many scriptures to work on as well. Her Mpact year #3 will be incorporated into our Homeschool, it is a wonderful curriculum and will benefit everyone.
Some review work was accomplished. New rules are being learned, and my MUST GET list is LONG!!! More organization tools and resource books are needed to complete some work. I DEEPLY look forward to my shopping time alone. No questions,no screaming,no running over toes because they just won't move out of the carts way, no herding,no redirecting, no saying "come on, come on,come on..." ten thousand times. No asking for things over and over again until punishments are handed out.... NO NO NO. Can you relate? PLease tell me you can!!! If you can't relate... then please don't talk to me =))) Ha ha ha

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ode To All Homeschool Moms...

As I waste precious brain cells on Facebook, I frequently read other HS mommies write about their first day. Some blogged, some commented and some even posted pictures. The more I read, the more my excitement bubbled. I could not wait to dive in and start!! School in our little Red House was not scheduled to start until September 1st, after all company had cleared out and our house regained some sense of normalcy. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Sissy Cindy-Lu & Co will not be driving down south for a visit. As sad as I was, It occurred to me that I can start to school the kids sooner and have our year begin!!!
Today was the day! We were up early. T.v was turned OFF and our plan was discussed and placed into action. Our new year texts and computer programs will not be opened until Sept. 1st but we will construct a semi-easy day full of review, reading comprehension and letter memorization with the little ones. Websites will be used to sharpen skills lost from the summer sun and prayerfully by the time school is officially in session we will be pro's!!!
So... how'd it go you wonder??? To sum things up... by 10:30 I needed a nap. I had broken up several fights, answered the same question (by Molly) 1000 times. Gorilla glued the kids closet shut (that contained crayons,puzzles,games,crafts) after a nervous breakdown... and contemplated for a second... (just a second I assure you) to not leave the kids IN the closet as I glued it.... tripped over toys and so forth.
Tonight I will go to bible study and pray over my day. I will re-think our schedule and tweak some morning routines. I am not discouraged and know this is a battle I can win.
I reflect on the many moms who I have met during this past year... with families of all sizes. They too have battles but each day God brings new grace. Homeschooling is a calling and I know God would never call us to do something we can't do... so today, we closed the books, ate lunch and went outside to play. My wheels are turning and I look forward to tomorrow... a fresh start and perhaps an extra splash of patience poured in my very strong coffee.
I know in heaven their will be an extra special crown for us homeschool moms. We sacrifice so much to fill our kids with eternal knowledge and security. Each crown will be unique, as not one homeschool mom is the same. It will glorify the creative genius we needed every day to make each session a success. Each crown will have gems for every tear we cried, every help prayer we shouted and every scream of victory we yelled. These crowns will fill us with peace and we will hear the Lord say... You are done!!! It is then we will gather together and happily place those crowns at Jesus feet. The work could not have been done without the help of our creator!! We will skip and dance for joy for our mission is fulfilled!!! . and we will spend eternity chatting with one another over some coffee exchanging the challenges we faced and answers to prayers we were blessed with......

Monday, August 17, 2009

Conversations At His Best...

Im having an amazing conversation with a 17 year old girl telling me her calling from God to go to China for missions. She will be leaving in the spring to help a friend with missions work in the mountains of Tibet. When her time is up, she will attend a bible college up north that was specially picked by her.Her major? World Missions. The #1 priority... her spiritual life. She wanted a school that focused on her relationship with the Lord just as much as her grades. Her relationship with God takes priority over dating.
I have heard her talk this way before over the last few years but had to pick her brain.
"How are you like this in such a boy-crazy world... please tell me your secret as I have 4 girls..."
Her response was quick. She knew why and didn't even need to pause...
" Because I see what dating does to people... I see how it messes with your life.I see the broken relationships and I don't want that.
WOW. Amazing! I will end this blog so I can hear more, I want to know her whole story.
As she leaves to do Gods work we will pray. We will add her picture to our wall and look forward to her visits. We want to hear what God is doing on the other side of the world.
We look forward to hosting a missionary in our home in the future... but not just a missionary but a friend!!! A girl we saw grow up to preach the gospel to every creature...

Organization At Its Best...

This is just a glimpse of our beautiful evening downtown with friends. The kids enjoyed it with a new perspective and every statue was climbed on,every fountain had money thrown in and lots of laughs were heard. That makes for a perfect visit!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Its A Girl Thing...

Believe it or not,this is one of my favorite places in the house. In my defense, I have many favorite places and I love them all but today, this one takes the cake.
I don't know what it is but every time I fold back the two doors I get giddy. I adore this room and just love the closet. Its not the neatest as you can see, but it contains a few of my favorite things. Pink and dresses and BOWS. How lovely is that??
I love hanging the clothes up, sorting thru the princess panties,picking out outfits and re arranging all of the pretty stockings.
I can't get enough. Even their room is precious. Its not a big room but contains 2 very pink beds and all their little girl clothes.
To tell you the truth, I love going upstairs. Its a kid-haven. Hubby and I have our Master suite downstairs, so upstairs is strictly theirs. Even the bathroom is all kiddie. You walk in and the linen closet is jammed packed with towels,washcloths,beach towels and a million and one sheet sets and extra blankets. I love it!! What do I love exactly? The fact that every where you turn, you can see that a large family abides...
toothbrush holders that are crammed to the gills, beds in ever corner of the rooms, a kid or two coming around the corners to say hello... Its great.
Prayerfully more kids will be added to our upstairs. More beds will be needed and more cute faces to gret you from the landing...
Oh how awesome that would be.

Tacos On Friday???

Things are getting switched up a bit in our little red house. Company is on their way! The excitement reached every person in the house. On top of that, it was friday. Always a day of celebration here!!! Daddy has no work for 2 whole days, kids stay up late and everyone is happy. Last night we tried something a bit different! No t.v or computer. Hubby was upgrading our Mac for hours which left me turning to my book. After a few chapters into Jane Eyre I realized how wonderful it was. The silence really was GOLDEN!! I had no desire to turn on the tv and didn't even think about music. Pure silence, pure peace.
A friend of mine recently went for a visit to Pa. Her mom is friends with some Amish. They went over their home for some fellowship and she was amazed by the peace and calm she felt. She then said how amazing it is to realize the modern conveniences we think are necessities really bring all of our stress and anxiety. SO TRUE! I mostly felt that last night. Before the older girls went to bed we harvested from our garden... tons of tomatoes and eggplant, we enjoyed the calm evening and indulged in 2 games of UNO! We even managed to drag hubby in for the last round. We were all excited about that... he hates games!
Hubby also continued reading "tHE AMERICAN PATRIOTS HANDBOOK." its an awesome read and sometimes he reads aloud to me right before bed. LAst time I enjoyed listening to Christopher Columbus's Apologia. It really is amazing to hear how Christopher was guided to America by the the Lord to preach the gospel. Im proud that this country was founded by such great Christian men. If only I can say the same now. (click on the title to read more about it)
This morning will be a busy one. I wrote our daily to-do list on our board. We have a lot to accomplish. Bacon is cooking as I type and eggs are ready to be placed on the griddle. My coffee is being sipped and my kids are singing,fighting and laughing.. all at the same time actually...
Later we will run errands and prepare beds to welcome our tired and weary travelers. A hot (large) meal will be prepared for them and our time of fellowship will begin. We can't wait!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Rainy Day

The rain came today and broke the heat. How wonderful to awaken to the pitter pat of water on a roof and grey skies. This day has been long overdue after weeks of endless sunshine!
The temperatures cooled off greatly as well. The humidity still lingered but it was NICE! Days like these bring out the cook in me. I immediately yearned for warm pot roast, mashed potatoes,soups,warm bread... I could go on. I browsed my pantries to take inventory of what I had. My supplies were good so I made something I knew would be a hit... Beef and broccoli quiche and cream of broccoli soup.
Molly helped me for a bit with the quiche (until she didn't obey the stove rules and was sent to her room) and Hannah helped me make the soup. Pretty soon the table was set with cheddar cheese for the soup topping and warm biscuits from the oven. Everyone dove in and enjoyed the delicious meal. I found out quickly that I will now need to double my soup recipe. My old measurements simply are not enough anymore. There were NO leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Boo!
With our bellies full we headed to church.
Tomorrow Im sure the sun will return. I would love another grey day to cozy up in the house. French toast is on the menu for breakfast and Pernil is for dinner. I will start that in the morning and the savory smell will engulf the house all day long. If Mr. Golden Sun decided to pay us a visit perhaps a trip to the pool will be in order.
All in all today was an extraordinary day. It gave my soul a taste of fall and I can't wait!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Heat Of Summer

Today is nothing short of HOT. The real feel temp is over 100. It is a steamy southern day. Thats ok, I know that the hottest days of summer last for just a very short while and then its back to nice friendly weather again. Until then, we go into hibernation mode. We venture outside in the mornings and evenings and relax by the pool. We recover from the heat with afternoon naps and thank God for central Air conditioning.
This morning we went straight from jammies to bathing suits and packed the van. I tended to some of my flowers and watered my very thirsty plants. My roses are thriving and my morning glories are glorious. They are fully blooming all over. They are climbing up my posts and are wrapping around anything that stands still.
Soon we were headed to swim. We could have walked. The pool is only 2 short blocks but who wants to walk in this heat?? NOT me!
We stayed until the little ones were cranky. I really enjoyed my splash time and it was beyond refreshing. For the first time ever, I didn't want to leave.
Now we are back home, our bellies are full and Muffet is sound asleep upstairs nestled in her soft blankets. The rest of the kiddies are laying around. A movie will be played and we will relax away.
I bough a bunch of beautiful ribbon at my favorite craft store yesterday. All colors and prints. Pink polk-a-dots, brown and green and blue... so precious. I have some ideas floating around in my head and I will take advantage of this down time to begin experimenting with my creations.... Bet you can't guess what Im learning to make?? ;)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fall Garden...

The plans are underway. Seeds will be planted as soon as this hot spell is over! A fall garden will be grown by seed by our family. Just a couple more days of fall gardening research and the seeds will go in the ground. I can't wait! I really hope and pray it is successful!

Sunday, August 9, 2009




Im still reading "Created To Be His Help-Meet." By Debi Pearle and it is SO good. Amazing. Astonishing.TRUE. And bittersweet. If only man and woman reclaimed the roles God intended them to live... oh what a world we would live in. Joy would be re-established and peace would abound. Now... don't get your pink frilly panties in a twist, the book does NOT demean women but glorifies their womanly loveliness. Whats better than that? In my book... Nothing!!!!!
So go out and get your copy and enjoy!

Our Sunday Sabbath

Our Sundays are vastly different than any other day in the week yet still hold routine. Sabbath routine I guess! The day starts with the Tv turned OFF! (I really do hate that thing.) and dressing begins. Church is bright and early and we slip into our Sunday best and off we go.
Today Jason and I taught the 3 year olds. It was a small group this week and they thoroughly enjoyed the new playground assembled by some really awesome people!
On the way home, we chat about church,lunch and what we will do.
Today was a quick BBQ burgers and dogs, a side of fries,onion rings and LEMONADE! Lots of Lemonade. We go thru a pitcher a day. (Is that bad??) It such a staple of summer and tastes so good.
The next few hours are up in the air. We lounge around and just enjoy being still. An occasional nap is taken. I try desperately to not let the kids fight and busywork takes place. Today it was puzzles. We had some new ones and the kids dove in. Molly quickly assembled hers and Emma worked diligently on her 500 fall piece. Hannah happily played on a computer game. (internet is strictly monitored.) The dolls were brought out and dressed in some leftover newborn dresses. Noah stayed and played with his Mickey Mouse puzzle for hours. He loves anything with pieces!!
Dinner is the same every week. Homemade Sunday sauce. It was a staple on sundays in my home growing up and its one of the few things I carried over from my upbringing.
Following dinner is MOVIE NIGHT!!! Daddy makes home made popcorn sprinkled with m&m's and they claim a chair in the living room and settle in. Tonight "Chicken Little" is playing on the big screen.The house is quiet except for the crunching of snacks. An occasional giggle escapes and reminders for Hannah are repeated to "Shhh..." (she is an avid gabber!)
I will browse the internet, catch up on emails and go water some very thirsty flowers. I will contemplate on the week ahead and update my calendar. Family friends will be driving down from NY on Saturday and I can't wait. A lot needs to be done by them and my new goals begin... but until then I will enjoy this Sabbath that is so different from all the rest. And for that.. I love it!

"By the seventh day God had finished the work He had been doing; so on the seventh day He rested from His work. And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it He rested from all the work of creating that He had done."
Genesis 2:2

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Coming Soon... A School Near You!!

Well, not actually near you... Near me! Today we woke up bright and early, packed up the van with kids,cups and snacks and headed towards that dusty warehouse in the country. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love that place. Books from floor to ceiling of every genre,topic... a whole other world crammed in between 4 metal walls. I know I have posted about this place before but since Its my blog... Im going to rave again.
This time we went with a few specifics in mind. We still have a long way to go with our curriculum. We are praying for provisions and God is faithful!!
All red tag books are 50% off. WHAT??? Yup! I skimmed thru all the classics on the table and felt so happy every time Emma picked up a book and said "read this, read that." How awesome that she fills her mind with wonderful works. I picked up Jane Eyre for myself and The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn to read aloud to the kids. Both for only $5!
Jason ran over to Alpha Omega publishing and bought SOS 7th grade math for Emma.
Knowing what we wanted to purchase, what we had and what we were waiting on, I had lots of free time to skim some more books and not feel so overwhelmed.
I just fell in love with some electives. Most modern day women would roll their eyes at me or laugh but thats fine. After all, I always have the last laugh!!! I instantly was drawn to the "Teaching your young women the art of home making. Ages 8 and up." I didn't purchase as I firmly believe in teaching this and the book was not necessary. They had books for ages 4 and up, ages 6 and up and 8 and up. They also had books for boys. Disciple books, raising young gentlemen and taught the young men basics such as fixing a skateboard and male grooming. Amazing. I loved ever page.
For the girls it taught modesty, purity and the art of basic cooking,cleaning and had such cute easy recipes. Rue's, chicken soup, homemade cream soups, mac and cheese, cooking with dairy,breads, cakes.... I could have stood their and browsed all day. I am thankful that my older girls know alot of this just from having hands on experience at a young age. Even Molly (who is 5) helped me pick,chop,mix and make a summer tomato and cucumber salad for lunch and then helped fix and prep dinner. All from standing on a chair. Its never too early.
The home is one of the most important places in this world. You don't buy a home... you make one. If you are not equipped with the necessary skills, one can never be made. One can also not be bought. It is precise measurements of love,care and prayer!
My kids enjoyed the visit to the old warehouse as well. The counted ( and harassed) the cats and played with the books.
When I step thru the old metal windowless door I feel as if I enter another world. A place I can't quite describe. I pick up books where God is put first. Where goals of modern day society are left at the doorstep and biblical truths take precedence.
I get inspired and renewed just by walking thru the aisles. I instantly remember why I choose to Homeschool my children... I want to fill my dear childrens minds with purity and good. Eternal goals, biblical wisdom and solid foundations.
For those of you who think Im sheltering my children... I am. What's wrong with that? Their children. Shouldn't they be protected? You would not throw a puppy or a kitty into a lions den so why would I throw my children into a world that would eat them alive without being properly equipped?
I've heard the arguments before and quite frankly they don't interest me. They have no ground to stand on. Not in my house.
"They have to learn how to cope in the real world..."

YES! Your right. Unfortunately they have to. Unfortunately this world is not a great place to live which is exactly why they need special instruction before stepping out.
Thats where I step in. Who better to teach them then their mother. I made them, I know them and I love them. It just makes sense. One day they will be grown. They will leave the nest. I will push them and they will fly. All the lessons that have been instilled in their hearts will come to their minds and they will fly. They will have a solid foundation and soar. When the waves come knocking at their door and shake them to their core... they can pull from their heart filled knowledge and steady the boat. The storm will pass and the sun will shine again.
So next time you meet a homeschool family and have doubts... perhaps you need to reflect on your own childs needs instead of mine. As you can see, mine are all taken care of. Take count on who is filling your childs heart and what life lessons they will be able to look back on. 35 hours a week is being filled by someone else. Someone who can never love, teach, nuture,protect and guide like you.

Friday, August 7, 2009


I updated my playlist with some more of my favorite songs. Even I was getting tired of hearing them play over and over again but I kept them on because they are good! Go down and browse!! Enjoy
***Pictures coming soon. Technical difficulties***

Today was the day. The BIG CRAZY CROWDED Upstate Consignment sale. I was there when the doors opened. Im still a new-be at Consignment sales and loving every minute, even thought the thought still confuses the heck out of me!!! Apparently it is the thing to do down in the south. Women lined the convention center. Yes, I said CONVENTION center (because its just that big.) Many had laundry baskets tied with string to drag their treasures all around. I entered with only 4 out of 5 kids. One was left home due to illness. The insanity began. Crazy creatures with lipstick and perfume (along with perfect pedi's) attacked the racks and racks and racks and racks of clothing. Shelves of shoes, bikes, toys and books as far as the eye could see. Boppys lined the walls and table after table of hats,socks and bibs all over. In the middle of the chaos boutiques set up their goodies. Smocked dresses, hairbows, pretty monogrammed purses, Avon, Jewelry makers, lettering machines and more galore. It was a true Mommy's dream.
I had my mental list all ready and I dove in. Confident and not intimidated by the sea of hands grabbing at hangers. I was gravely disappointed. The clothing selection did not suite my needs. I quickly moved on to bows and more... perhaps it was the lack of sleep, but nothing caught my eye. Along the way we met many familiar faces. It was pure pleasure bumping into friends and acquaintances I have made my 2 short years here. I may live near the "city" but I sure am in small town life. I casually chatted and said my hello's along the way.
I did manage to grab some of my own treasures though!! Molly got a great bike for next to nothing. She fell instantly in love and rode it all around the center.
I found a super cute pink and green paisley quilted bag for Abigails diapers and such. I needed a "diaper" bag but not a big one. Just something cute to hold a few diapers and baby wipes. I found it.. for $3 !!! Jackpot!! I was so happy. I wanted to get it monogrammed but ran out of time. I still will though.
On my way towards the registers I saw the most cutest Nick and Nora full set flannel sheets BRAND new for $12. It was a sign!! Hannah had been begging me for "soft sheets" for her bed so she won't be cold. (please don't pity her, she has about 100 blankets but refuses to keep them on.) Flannel sheets were on my shopping list today but I happily scratched them off and grabbed those pink puppy flannels and headed home.
Noah also got some warm fuzzy "man" pj's for the fall.
I was happy with my purchases and am still glad I went. The pictures above were taken in a frenzy. No time to stop and snap. They don't even do the sale justice. Its bigger than your imagination.
All in all this sale is great! I love it and can't wait to see how many people snatched up my tagged goodies. I can't wait for that beloved check in the mail. I already have the spring sale on my calendar and will be there bright and early. Perhaps I will bring my own laundry basket to drag around? And I surely will allot enough time for more bow shopping and monogramming!!! Only 6 more months.. I CAN"T WAIT!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Poll

Due to a gardening debate at dinner, I want your input on what we should plant next year. We are taking everything one step at a time and can't plant it all at once. We do have a short list of new veggies to try but these on the new poll are debatable. Me and 2 other kids want Apple trees, some others want peach trees while Emma wants potatoes which are quite hard. So, whats your input? What should we try first? What should we stay away from? I know it seems early but fail to plan and plan to fail!!!

A Quick Shout Out...

I just want to take a moment to send some love to some of my favorite people.
My Hubby-
Its quite easy being married to the best hubby in the world. The best decision of my life was marrying you! I love The Little Red House you work so hard for, I love our evening chats in our screen porch and I love spending all my free time with you. What can I say?? I just Love you!!

My big sister-
Im So glad we are so close! Im so glad we didn't let "circumstances" get in the way of our friendship. Harassing you as a child was pure joy( =0) and annoying you was what I lived for. Despite our dysfunctional upbringing... we beat the odds and came out 2 very awesome,beautiful,charming,smart, sassy and quite interesting ladies! I Love you Sis!!

My Church-
Growing up my church taught me awesome amazing biblical life truths. Sunday school lessons remained in my heart all the way thru adulthood. VBS workers poured out their love into those little children and they bore fruit that now extends to 2 more generations. I had Pastors who committed their life to teaching the word and sticking to their principles even when fads and waves came and shook the church. 20 years later, you can still go back and count on them,trust them and have faith. New Pastors that come in and have visions for the younger generation. Change the delivery without changing the message.

I just have been in a very contemplative mood today... I guess... These people are closest to my heart. I thank them for who I have become and I confide in them. I hope I can instill in my children what the church, My sister and my Hubby has given me.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shopping Time...

My shopping day is quickly approaching and my list-making is about to be written. My must buy list, my store to store list, my coupon list and my "extra" list. I will sit in my cozy, clean, empty (thanks to the tagging being done and dropped off) bedroom and watch Shark week on The Discovery CHannel. I will prioritize and really try to stick to budget. I will systematically browse thru my kids wardrobes (in my head) and figure out if anyone needs undies, socks, t-shirts, shoes, what have you.
I will go thru the aisles of my bulk warehouse store and write down what I need. I will slip away by myself this weekend and browse and shop the craft stores for new lovely ribbon for my baby girls rooms. I will visit my favorite home decor store for new bedroom lamps. I will buy a much needed bird feeder and bird seed for my backyard so we can enjoy our time in the screen porch watching and hearing the birds sing. I will price fire pits and beg hubby to surprise me with one in the coming weeks.I will meal plan for when our company comes so there are always yummy things to eat.
So much to do and so little time. I will end the evening reading my bible and praying. Praying that God gives me stregnth and grace to get me thru a very busy weekend... and because I will be ending my day in the word and in prayer, I will sleep in peace... literally heaven sent peace.... Until Abigail wakes up of coarse =)

Im DONE!!!

Im DONE!!! After many long days, numerous pricks from safety pins and piles and piles of clothes ALL OVER MY HOUSE, I am done tagging over 300 pieces of clothing for the big consignment sale. Drop off was just completed and I managed to escape the chaos without being blacklisted off of their list (almost!) Now to wait and see how much I made. I can't wait!!
I also can't wait to shop! I will arrive bright and early with all 5 children (more elbows to help shove hee hee) and dive headfirst into a sea of clothes,bows,monograms and everything else girlie and cute. Twice a year I indulge in my bow habit (ok,I just lied to you.. its alot more that twice a year) but this is where I buy in bulk! EVery pattern,color,holiday and fall-ish looking bow will become mine. I will then happily hop over to Missy-Mae (yes thats really her name) and get some initials plastered on some and leave most blank.(for switching of coarse.) Im so excited I can hardly stand it!! My bow collection has surpassed 60 and Im still going strong.
The children NEED clothes!! I have my list of who needs what starting with winter coats and shoes. I will systematically start from one end and end on the other. Of coarse my budget will most likely be blown at the bows and purses stand. I will pray for self control and hope for the best. But whats a girl to do???? Have you met me? If you did... you would understand!
Its been busy in my little red house. But now that I am done consigning I can begin clean-up. Yesterday evening started my wind-down time. The past few days were crazy so I cancelled my evening walk with my neighbor (SO SORRY C) and just relaxed in my screen porch with my Gapboy. We chatted about everything and nothing. After the kids went to bed I retreated to my newly empty clean room and indulged in some "relaxing" tv. Shark week has begun. I quickly gained a new fear of the ocean and then snuck back outside with my Gapboy and watched the lightning in the dark. It was beautiful. Quiet.Still. The lightning would appear every minute or so and briefly light up the clouds. Very peaceful!!
Today is a new day. Newsletters must be bagged and sent to all my neighbors sometime today. I deliver our neighborhood news and today is the day. Our first set of visitors also arrive next week so preparing must begin in a few day AND school starts soon. Time for late night planning,sorting and scheduling. Sheesh. Whats a girl to do?? Shop of coarse. Perhaps I will indulge in something bright and new to help with all my busyness....

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Tonight while Hubby and I had our usual evening chit chat on our screened in back porch Abigail came running out holding her diaper. She has a habit of telling me to change her when its dirty and taking it off herself. I know, I know... doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out its "Time" for training but Miss Muffet is deathly afraid of the toilet. She tries to be brave, she really does. She runs to the bathroom and gets so excited until the moment I place her down. Fear overwhelms her and she screams. Who can blame her? With a tiny tushy like hers... a fear of falling in is only natural. 12 years of raising kids and 4 trained tooshies and SHE will be the one that makes me get that separate toilet seat that I have to empty. Blech.. I'll fight it all the way I say!!
Anyway... back on track...where were we?? Oh yeah sitting out in the backporch with my sweetie... Abby hands us the diaper and Noah and Molly giggle at her nakedness. She quickly runs out the door and into the backyard. The other 2 follow. Up the slide she climbs, she smiles and glances over at us and IT HAPPENS... She proudly pees down the steps and laughs with glee.
I quickly reminisced on the olden days when we had a puppy who piddled everywhere while Jason got the hose. Before long she was stripped naked and running wild and free...
Before long, she was using the hose as her own personal shower, running around and shaking her booty all over. We laughed so hard we cried... nothing like a naky baby to make a mommy smile.
Molly and Noah soon joined the fun (with clothes on) and our jungle gym turned into a water park. Kids were slipping and sliding all over...
Before long it was time for bed. I stripped the remaining 2 and hosed them off as well. 3 naked babies running thru the house. They were dried off,powdered, dressed and tucked into dream land. What a life!!!


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