Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tacos On Friday???

Things are getting switched up a bit in our little red house. Company is on their way! The excitement reached every person in the house. On top of that, it was friday. Always a day of celebration here!!! Daddy has no work for 2 whole days, kids stay up late and everyone is happy. Last night we tried something a bit different! No t.v or computer. Hubby was upgrading our Mac for hours which left me turning to my book. After a few chapters into Jane Eyre I realized how wonderful it was. The silence really was GOLDEN!! I had no desire to turn on the tv and didn't even think about music. Pure silence, pure peace.
A friend of mine recently went for a visit to Pa. Her mom is friends with some Amish. They went over their home for some fellowship and she was amazed by the peace and calm she felt. She then said how amazing it is to realize the modern conveniences we think are necessities really bring all of our stress and anxiety. SO TRUE! I mostly felt that last night. Before the older girls went to bed we harvested from our garden... tons of tomatoes and eggplant, we enjoyed the calm evening and indulged in 2 games of UNO! We even managed to drag hubby in for the last round. We were all excited about that... he hates games!
Hubby also continued reading "tHE AMERICAN PATRIOTS HANDBOOK." its an awesome read and sometimes he reads aloud to me right before bed. LAst time I enjoyed listening to Christopher Columbus's Apologia. It really is amazing to hear how Christopher was guided to America by the the Lord to preach the gospel. Im proud that this country was founded by such great Christian men. If only I can say the same now. (click on the title to read more about it)
This morning will be a busy one. I wrote our daily to-do list on our board. We have a lot to accomplish. Bacon is cooking as I type and eggs are ready to be placed on the griddle. My coffee is being sipped and my kids are singing,fighting and laughing.. all at the same time actually...
Later we will run errands and prepare beds to welcome our tired and weary travelers. A hot (large) meal will be prepared for them and our time of fellowship will begin. We can't wait!

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