Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Im DONE!!!

Im DONE!!! After many long days, numerous pricks from safety pins and piles and piles of clothes ALL OVER MY HOUSE, I am done tagging over 300 pieces of clothing for the big consignment sale. Drop off was just completed and I managed to escape the chaos without being blacklisted off of their list (almost!) Now to wait and see how much I made. I can't wait!!
I also can't wait to shop! I will arrive bright and early with all 5 children (more elbows to help shove hee hee) and dive headfirst into a sea of clothes,bows,monograms and everything else girlie and cute. Twice a year I indulge in my bow habit (ok,I just lied to you.. its alot more that twice a year) but this is where I buy in bulk! EVery pattern,color,holiday and fall-ish looking bow will become mine. I will then happily hop over to Missy-Mae (yes thats really her name) and get some initials plastered on some and leave most blank.(for switching of coarse.) Im so excited I can hardly stand it!! My bow collection has surpassed 60 and Im still going strong.
The children NEED clothes!! I have my list of who needs what starting with winter coats and shoes. I will systematically start from one end and end on the other. Of coarse my budget will most likely be blown at the bows and purses stand. I will pray for self control and hope for the best. But whats a girl to do???? Have you met me? If you did... you would understand!
Its been busy in my little red house. But now that I am done consigning I can begin clean-up. Yesterday evening started my wind-down time. The past few days were crazy so I cancelled my evening walk with my neighbor (SO SORRY C) and just relaxed in my screen porch with my Gapboy. We chatted about everything and nothing. After the kids went to bed I retreated to my newly empty clean room and indulged in some "relaxing" tv. Shark week has begun. I quickly gained a new fear of the ocean and then snuck back outside with my Gapboy and watched the lightning in the dark. It was beautiful. Quiet.Still. The lightning would appear every minute or so and briefly light up the clouds. Very peaceful!!
Today is a new day. Newsletters must be bagged and sent to all my neighbors sometime today. I deliver our neighborhood news and today is the day. Our first set of visitors also arrive next week so preparing must begin in a few day AND school starts soon. Time for late night planning,sorting and scheduling. Sheesh. Whats a girl to do?? Shop of coarse. Perhaps I will indulge in something bright and new to help with all my busyness....

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