Friday, August 21, 2009

After Dark...

Something happens to kids when the moon comes out. Im convinced. Yesterday was going to be my "all by myself" shopping day! Um... yeah... that never happened. Hubby worked late and by the time I slipped out the door, I had a 45 minute reprieve from the little ones (they were in bed) and my 2 oldest somehow weaseled their way into the big black van! I didn't mind. I really do enjoy their company. I find myself hanging out with them more and more.... I tend to not be able to really appreciate the young ladies they are becoming until all babies are fast asleep. As we were driving down the road they chatted away. I don't feel like I have kids with me when they come along. They make me laugh, have very weird opinions and are creative conversationalists.
We strolled thru Target and they helped me carry a bookshelf to our cart (YAA), we tried on shoes together and laughed ( and bought some). By the time we made it to the cart it was dark!! A storm was rolling in and the air was heavy. My Hannah had left me and appeared in her place was a little dutch boy, with a mix of canadian. She loves creating characters and this one was her newest. Don't ask me where it came from... I have no clue.
As we bounced around from store to store shopping, she entertained us and kept us in stitches. People stared but we didn't care, we were having fun. Her laughter turned to giddiness and then pure hysteria. It was past her bedtime... wayyy past her bedtime and she gets really affected. I guided her back in the van and we drove home. Once we pulled into the driveway of our little red house, that dutch boy left. We amused the hubby with our tales and he rolled his eyes. Boys just don't understand.
This morning she is mellow. She is eating her corn flakes and watching tv. We have more shopping to do... a trip to my favorite home decorating store. I wonder who will appear with us next?

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  1. I love my kids' company too,(most of the time)but as I started my own blog yesterday...I noted how we are all getting on each others' nerves it because my hubby's not here..we aren't getting out of the house for fun often enough, not hanging out with others' enough..had too long of a summer break and all grouchiness is breaking out?I don't know...but I feel like I am more grouchy lately. It can't possibly be old age...but maybe I need more me you had...only I don't like to do stuff alone. I like to be out with a friend or the hubby. But, I do want to get back to the "age" where I totally enjoy my two kiddoes.



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