Friday, August 7, 2009

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Today was the day. The BIG CRAZY CROWDED Upstate Consignment sale. I was there when the doors opened. Im still a new-be at Consignment sales and loving every minute, even thought the thought still confuses the heck out of me!!! Apparently it is the thing to do down in the south. Women lined the convention center. Yes, I said CONVENTION center (because its just that big.) Many had laundry baskets tied with string to drag their treasures all around. I entered with only 4 out of 5 kids. One was left home due to illness. The insanity began. Crazy creatures with lipstick and perfume (along with perfect pedi's) attacked the racks and racks and racks and racks of clothing. Shelves of shoes, bikes, toys and books as far as the eye could see. Boppys lined the walls and table after table of hats,socks and bibs all over. In the middle of the chaos boutiques set up their goodies. Smocked dresses, hairbows, pretty monogrammed purses, Avon, Jewelry makers, lettering machines and more galore. It was a true Mommy's dream.
I had my mental list all ready and I dove in. Confident and not intimidated by the sea of hands grabbing at hangers. I was gravely disappointed. The clothing selection did not suite my needs. I quickly moved on to bows and more... perhaps it was the lack of sleep, but nothing caught my eye. Along the way we met many familiar faces. It was pure pleasure bumping into friends and acquaintances I have made my 2 short years here. I may live near the "city" but I sure am in small town life. I casually chatted and said my hello's along the way.
I did manage to grab some of my own treasures though!! Molly got a great bike for next to nothing. She fell instantly in love and rode it all around the center.
I found a super cute pink and green paisley quilted bag for Abigails diapers and such. I needed a "diaper" bag but not a big one. Just something cute to hold a few diapers and baby wipes. I found it.. for $3 !!! Jackpot!! I was so happy. I wanted to get it monogrammed but ran out of time. I still will though.
On my way towards the registers I saw the most cutest Nick and Nora full set flannel sheets BRAND new for $12. It was a sign!! Hannah had been begging me for "soft sheets" for her bed so she won't be cold. (please don't pity her, she has about 100 blankets but refuses to keep them on.) Flannel sheets were on my shopping list today but I happily scratched them off and grabbed those pink puppy flannels and headed home.
Noah also got some warm fuzzy "man" pj's for the fall.
I was happy with my purchases and am still glad I went. The pictures above were taken in a frenzy. No time to stop and snap. They don't even do the sale justice. Its bigger than your imagination.
All in all this sale is great! I love it and can't wait to see how many people snatched up my tagged goodies. I can't wait for that beloved check in the mail. I already have the spring sale on my calendar and will be there bright and early. Perhaps I will bring my own laundry basket to drag around? And I surely will allot enough time for more bow shopping and monogramming!!! Only 6 more months.. I CAN"T WAIT!

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