Sunday, August 23, 2009


"If I win Miss Universe I will travel all around the world with my sparkly crown and cute dress and pray for world peace. I will kiss underprivileged children on the cheek and tell them that this too can be them one day. I will show the world how fit I am by wearing a teeny tiny bikini because we all know exercise is done in stilettos.I will base my worth on a number score and cry if Miss So and So gets a better number than me. I will crumble in my late 20's because Im considered old and washed up to the world. I reached my peak at 21.Rude comments will be made towards my outward appearance and I will just add more vaseline to my smile. I will promise to uphold all my Miss Pretty duties and make my country proud.."

* I really DON'T like pageants...* =x


  1. LOVE THIS, but the fact that Molly Jaye's picture goes with this not so nice.... she would kick butt at a pagent..... no I mean like physical butt like contact football!!:-P xoxo

  2. I don't even think kids should be ALLOWED to wear bikinis.

    The sexualization of our children may be one of the most disgusting things I can imagine a so-called 'good parent' doing. I think most of them are trying to live out some sort of fantasy through their children. Sad. I don't understand why we would do this to our children. It goes against most EVERYTHING I believe in as a Christian and a parent; greed, envy, pride...etc. I am far from a perfect parent, but I truly try and do what is best by them. Putting them up for show and focusing on their physical attributes (along with a bit of a 'talent')and then ranking them against each other...!? Ugh. Can you imagine explaining this one at the pearly gates??! I have enough to worry about!

  3. If you think it's bad here..try P.R. where the little ones are dressed sexy starting at around 5,( half shirts and mini skirts) and begin to dance a sexy little "bila",(dance) to any popular song that comes over the speakers of whatever store you happen to be in. It's gross and makes me so mad! Why do any of us think it's a good thing to show off our bodies and yet we have been so brainwashed to that frame of mind that we do like to look cute whether it's in skin tight jeans or whatever,( I include myself in this). My flesh would still like to walk around in cheeky shorts and go to the pool with a flat little tummy and a cute bikini. Isn't this where killing the flesh all day long is in order? And yet, I am not always inclined to do so.



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