Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Heat Of Summer

Today is nothing short of HOT. The real feel temp is over 100. It is a steamy southern day. Thats ok, I know that the hottest days of summer last for just a very short while and then its back to nice friendly weather again. Until then, we go into hibernation mode. We venture outside in the mornings and evenings and relax by the pool. We recover from the heat with afternoon naps and thank God for central Air conditioning.
This morning we went straight from jammies to bathing suits and packed the van. I tended to some of my flowers and watered my very thirsty plants. My roses are thriving and my morning glories are glorious. They are fully blooming all over. They are climbing up my posts and are wrapping around anything that stands still.
Soon we were headed to swim. We could have walked. The pool is only 2 short blocks but who wants to walk in this heat?? NOT me!
We stayed until the little ones were cranky. I really enjoyed my splash time and it was beyond refreshing. For the first time ever, I didn't want to leave.
Now we are back home, our bellies are full and Muffet is sound asleep upstairs nestled in her soft blankets. The rest of the kiddies are laying around. A movie will be played and we will relax away.
I bough a bunch of beautiful ribbon at my favorite craft store yesterday. All colors and prints. Pink polk-a-dots, brown and green and blue... so precious. I have some ideas floating around in my head and I will take advantage of this down time to begin experimenting with my creations.... Bet you can't guess what Im learning to make?? ;)

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  1. I have these 'ideas' of the south from old movies. Seems like such a dreamy, old, plantation (minus the bad things that use to happen)type place. It's great that you have the pool to dip in. I would be there everyday. It is hard with real little ones though---constant watch needed.
    I found those books on your link. Thanks! They are almost 20.00 so, I'm saving up to buy three different ones.'



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