Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Today (so far) was a truly magnificent wonderful day!! We had our squabbles (molly), time-outs (molly) and moments of not so kind re "directing" ( noah) but all in all today was GOOD!
We started bright and early with breakfast being eaten and chores completed. Before long we gathered in the screen porch and enjoyed the cool morning while reading our daily Proverbs and Psalm. Then for the first time ever, I divided the kids. I had Emma with the little ones while I schooled Molly and Hannah, It went very well. I had un interrupted time with both and within a short amount of time their first part of work was done. Then the switch happened and Hannah entertained the littles while Emma and Molly continued working. (notice the common denominator MOLLY!!) Once my mind was completely blank on ways to occupy and school Molly for today, she was sent in to join the troops for a tv show, out came Hannah and they both finished their work while the fighting began. No worries though, it ended quickly. We hit a small snag with factors and GCF and such... but by noon books were closed. Emma's frustrations reached a peak and food was needed. She will continue her math later. Hot Dogs, fries and string cheese were happily devoured and Wii-cess is taking place... minus one ( who failed to clean under her bed when asked yesterday) So while that one child spends some quality time in her room cleaning, the rest will be letting off some steam and engaging in friendly competition.
We will do our reading this afternoon, journaling in a bit and then call it a day. Its Wednesday!! That means Taco night for us!! Always a happy dinner hour. It will be eaten and cleaned up quick before we pile in our big black van and attempt to drive to church. I say attempt because it over heated yesterday afternoon causing a VERY VERY V-E-R-Y frazzled GapgGirl. Prayerfully a galiant hero flew in on his mighty dragon and saved the day!!! His 4 princesses and very beautiful Queen (hee hee) (and prince in training) were saved from the evil heat and dispair of a parking lot and safely escorted to their Little Red Kingdom. Now the beautiful Queen refuses to drive her Big Black Beauty without the Mighty Handsome King present as an escort. Some might call it fear.... with 5 kids... I call it common sense...!
Anyway, time for me to browse my archives for an old favorite recipe... Funnel cake a.k.a. Apple fritters. The Apples will be omitted. Too close to September 1st!!! It must be saved for that. Im sure I will post pictures of my delicious fried creation. Until then...
Happy Wednesday!

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