Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Rainy Day

The rain came today and broke the heat. How wonderful to awaken to the pitter pat of water on a roof and grey skies. This day has been long overdue after weeks of endless sunshine!
The temperatures cooled off greatly as well. The humidity still lingered but it was NICE! Days like these bring out the cook in me. I immediately yearned for warm pot roast, mashed potatoes,soups,warm bread... I could go on. I browsed my pantries to take inventory of what I had. My supplies were good so I made something I knew would be a hit... Beef and broccoli quiche and cream of broccoli soup.
Molly helped me for a bit with the quiche (until she didn't obey the stove rules and was sent to her room) and Hannah helped me make the soup. Pretty soon the table was set with cheddar cheese for the soup topping and warm biscuits from the oven. Everyone dove in and enjoyed the delicious meal. I found out quickly that I will now need to double my soup recipe. My old measurements simply are not enough anymore. There were NO leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Boo!
With our bellies full we headed to church.
Tomorrow Im sure the sun will return. I would love another grey day to cozy up in the house. French toast is on the menu for breakfast and Pernil is for dinner. I will start that in the morning and the savory smell will engulf the house all day long. If Mr. Golden Sun decided to pay us a visit perhaps a trip to the pool will be in order.
All in all today was an extraordinary day. It gave my soul a taste of fall and I can't wait!


  1. Hey, will you send me a quiche recipe!? Neil loves it - but I have never made it before. I know he would love it.
    Thanks! ;)

  2. wow, this stuff looks like it belongs in a cooking mag.!



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