Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Larder Is Full...

As you all know, nothing makes me happier than a stocked pantry. Shopping day may be such a chore but when I get home I just love all the re arranging, rotating and inventorying. I have my own list of inventory supplies and always keep up with purchasing the items, that way, when I want to create any of the many recipes I know, I always have the supplies on hand.Plus, if I want to try a new recipe, chances are... I have all that I need.
I don't have a list. I don't have a homemade stock sheet. Its all in my head. I don't work well with organized tools like that. It goes again my grain. I have a scribbled list of things I need, sale items and for the most part... its just all in my head. I browse the stores and know exactly how much I need and how many. Its a skill that has been perfected by YEARS of shopping.
I get home and start unloading. The kids empty the bags onto the table and I am the only one allowed to put groceries away. Some may call this a control thing, but I call it a necessity. I need to know what goes where and how many I have. If someone else does it, then I can't keep a rotating list.
Anyway, this is what my pantry looks like after a shopping day. I still have more to buy. By the time I get done their will be no available shelf space left. I also have a stocked freezer in the garage and shelves for non-perishables which is pretty full too. It may seem like food for an army, but when you have a small army yourself... it goes quickly. Then its off to the store I go and happily buy more.=)


  1. I dread shopping for more than 2 days except for canned goods ... I don't like cooking for 2 ... give me a crowd & I am in 7th heaven! TTFN ~Marydon

  2. I miss cooking like that. With just the three of us it's just not as much fun. Especially when one drowns everything in catsup and the other in BBQ Sauce- regardless of what it is or how much time and effort it took to cook it...



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