Sunday, August 30, 2009


Sundays have always been special. Our routines are different and a sense of relaxation invades us. Today just the children and I went to church. Much to my sadness hubby was called into work. Amazingly we had a hot breakfast of pancakes and orange juice and still made it to church on time. Off to the classrooms the 3 little ones went and the older girls and I headed up to the balcony. Today was family Sunday... a day where kids and parents get to worship together. While I was reading the notes for todays sermon, I came across a few sentences that spoke directly to my heart.

" We live in a day of divine rebuilding." Let this be an encouragement to you when you feel ruined and fallen and broken down like a booth in the wilderness.

Speak to yourself from this scripture that this is a day of repair and a day of rebuilding.

God is in the process of repairing and rebuilding our lives by His grace.

This was taken from reading Acts 15:16,17

Last night I was just discussing with Hubby that I know God has so much to do in me. Im so happy He can change all those horrible traits that I can't stand having. In doing so, I look forward to seeing how those changes will benefit my family.
I almost didn't go to church today. The Mr. had work and sometimes hauling all 5 kids shiny and dressed in their Sunday best is hard work, But Im so thankful I did! I would have missed these very important words that spoke directly to my heart.
Tonight we go back to church for a connection dinner. Its our 3rd one since we moved down here... its starting to feel like tradition and that feels nice.
Today my heart yearns for snow??? Really strange since I live in the south... but it just means that for me, summer is coming to an end. Cool days are ahead, hot chocolate and warm soups on the menu and snuggles by the fireplace are sure to follow. Until then, I will enjoy these warm sunday afternoons, take our Sunday "rests" and just be.

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  1. ... and what a great start you have for today ...

    I'll take a rain check on winter arriving any time soon tho, please. Chuckle! I need to finish these next 4 weeks of summer first ...

    TTFN ~ Marydon



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