Saturday, August 15, 2009

Its A Girl Thing...

Believe it or not,this is one of my favorite places in the house. In my defense, I have many favorite places and I love them all but today, this one takes the cake.
I don't know what it is but every time I fold back the two doors I get giddy. I adore this room and just love the closet. Its not the neatest as you can see, but it contains a few of my favorite things. Pink and dresses and BOWS. How lovely is that??
I love hanging the clothes up, sorting thru the princess panties,picking out outfits and re arranging all of the pretty stockings.
I can't get enough. Even their room is precious. Its not a big room but contains 2 very pink beds and all their little girl clothes.
To tell you the truth, I love going upstairs. Its a kid-haven. Hubby and I have our Master suite downstairs, so upstairs is strictly theirs. Even the bathroom is all kiddie. You walk in and the linen closet is jammed packed with towels,washcloths,beach towels and a million and one sheet sets and extra blankets. I love it!! What do I love exactly? The fact that every where you turn, you can see that a large family abides...
toothbrush holders that are crammed to the gills, beds in ever corner of the rooms, a kid or two coming around the corners to say hello... Its great.
Prayerfully more kids will be added to our upstairs. More beds will be needed and more cute faces to gret you from the landing...
Oh how awesome that would be.

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  1. So cute!
    That is one of my biggest moving dilemma - closets. They are so different in the new house it's hard to get find new places and get everything properly organized. I have kind of been avoiding them - it's not pretty. :)



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