Sunday, August 23, 2009

Organized Chaos

I am, not naturally, an organized person. I long to be. I need to be but when left to my own devices... I have junk piles everywhere. The garage is a mess, my magazine rack is overflowing, our bill pile is falling down the back of our fridge and so forth. Having 7 people in our family and countless visitors, I have learned the art of cleaning. I like a clean home and like it to STAY cleaned... but my drawers,closets and own personal space can sometimes be a bit scary.
Last week I cleaned out our lined closet, which I converted to a homeschool/other stuff closet. Our real linen closet is in our master bathroom where we opted for the tub instead of the stand up shower. We needed all extra space! Anyway, that thing was a mess!! I filled a huge garbage bag filled with absolute junk! Now its beautiful and actually peaceful to open the door.
Being a large home school family, we tend to acquire tons of "stuff." papers, books, articles,books, crafts,pens,markers,books everywhere!!! If we are doing a project or a large puzzle, then the project tends to become part of the home until we are done. My kitchen/eating area is our all purpose area. If I don't get it organized then I go insane!! So my goal this week (or perhaps 2 weeks) is to systematically go thru my home, declutter, organize, find places and perhaps think of a better system for whatever I am doing. Chore charts need to be updated and switched around. (which might be the cause of a few spats.) Our schedule still needs to be tweaked and implemented, older children need a bit more motivation ( and a REALLY loud alarm clock) character qualities must be brought in from storage and reviewed...(preferably JOY) and first and foremost each day must be started out in prayer!!!
I will be praying heavily for the next couple of weeks ahead. A lot needs to be done in our Little Red house, and of coarse I will take pictures along the way for you to enjoy. In the meantime we will try and have full homeschool days and work on our memorization.
Some goals we never accomplished last year will be put on the forefront. I will sit down in the evenings and actually put to paper the goals I have for each child this year. I have had them in my head for quite some time but have not written them down yet. Perhaps I will blog them? I have a scripture for each and plan on implementing them in our prayers.
So please forgive me if I don't blog as much as I have been this week. I will surely try! But as you can see, our little Red house will be bustling with activity. Lots of people and lots to do.I must get started...

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