Thursday, August 20, 2009

HomeSchool Day #2

Humor is a great source of stress-relief. Day 2 began this morning. A few tears were shed but not by me!! Behaviors were modified and some work was done!! We said our pledges and stated our new memory verse. We have a lot to memorize this year, including our Church Statement of faith. It is LONG!!! But Hannah needs it to be crowned Honor Star this year so as a family, we will learn. We also have many many scriptures to work on as well. Her Mpact year #3 will be incorporated into our Homeschool, it is a wonderful curriculum and will benefit everyone.
Some review work was accomplished. New rules are being learned, and my MUST GET list is LONG!!! More organization tools and resource books are needed to complete some work. I DEEPLY look forward to my shopping time alone. No questions,no screaming,no running over toes because they just won't move out of the carts way, no herding,no redirecting, no saying "come on, come on,come on..." ten thousand times. No asking for things over and over again until punishments are handed out.... NO NO NO. Can you relate? PLease tell me you can!!! If you can't relate... then please don't talk to me =))) Ha ha ha


  1. Seriously! I took Parker (9) to Target and I must of said--"come on" SO MANY TIMES. Then he would say"OKAY!" As if he was keeping up with me and I was the crazy one. NOT!

  2. I can SO relate!!
    And I love the cartoon, too!

  3. You are a great mom and teacher! It will get better! Laughter is great so keep us informed and we can laugh with you! I took my four at night (what was I thinking?) to Marshalls yesterday. They were listening, but why were they so loud? And why do they trip over everything? lol Just something kids do I guess.
    Miss you!

  4. where do you get these cute cartoons and pics that you post?



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