Sunday, August 9, 2009


Im still reading "Created To Be His Help-Meet." By Debi Pearle and it is SO good. Amazing. Astonishing.TRUE. And bittersweet. If only man and woman reclaimed the roles God intended them to live... oh what a world we would live in. Joy would be re-established and peace would abound. Now... don't get your pink frilly panties in a twist, the book does NOT demean women but glorifies their womanly loveliness. Whats better than that? In my book... Nothing!!!!!
So go out and get your copy and enjoy!


  1. I finished the Jeub book and just finished the Duggar one. I loved the Duggar one!!!! I found so many great tips in it. Next I will start the help meet one. Can't wait!

  2. By the way--- what was the book you mentioned in the other post about teaching boys to be gentleman (and fixing things)? Do you know who wrote it or the title? Sounds great.



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