Saturday, August 8, 2009

Coming Soon... A School Near You!!

Well, not actually near you... Near me! Today we woke up bright and early, packed up the van with kids,cups and snacks and headed towards that dusty warehouse in the country. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love that place. Books from floor to ceiling of every genre,topic... a whole other world crammed in between 4 metal walls. I know I have posted about this place before but since Its my blog... Im going to rave again.
This time we went with a few specifics in mind. We still have a long way to go with our curriculum. We are praying for provisions and God is faithful!!
All red tag books are 50% off. WHAT??? Yup! I skimmed thru all the classics on the table and felt so happy every time Emma picked up a book and said "read this, read that." How awesome that she fills her mind with wonderful works. I picked up Jane Eyre for myself and The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn to read aloud to the kids. Both for only $5!
Jason ran over to Alpha Omega publishing and bought SOS 7th grade math for Emma.
Knowing what we wanted to purchase, what we had and what we were waiting on, I had lots of free time to skim some more books and not feel so overwhelmed.
I just fell in love with some electives. Most modern day women would roll their eyes at me or laugh but thats fine. After all, I always have the last laugh!!! I instantly was drawn to the "Teaching your young women the art of home making. Ages 8 and up." I didn't purchase as I firmly believe in teaching this and the book was not necessary. They had books for ages 4 and up, ages 6 and up and 8 and up. They also had books for boys. Disciple books, raising young gentlemen and taught the young men basics such as fixing a skateboard and male grooming. Amazing. I loved ever page.
For the girls it taught modesty, purity and the art of basic cooking,cleaning and had such cute easy recipes. Rue's, chicken soup, homemade cream soups, mac and cheese, cooking with dairy,breads, cakes.... I could have stood their and browsed all day. I am thankful that my older girls know alot of this just from having hands on experience at a young age. Even Molly (who is 5) helped me pick,chop,mix and make a summer tomato and cucumber salad for lunch and then helped fix and prep dinner. All from standing on a chair. Its never too early.
The home is one of the most important places in this world. You don't buy a home... you make one. If you are not equipped with the necessary skills, one can never be made. One can also not be bought. It is precise measurements of love,care and prayer!
My kids enjoyed the visit to the old warehouse as well. The counted ( and harassed) the cats and played with the books.
When I step thru the old metal windowless door I feel as if I enter another world. A place I can't quite describe. I pick up books where God is put first. Where goals of modern day society are left at the doorstep and biblical truths take precedence.
I get inspired and renewed just by walking thru the aisles. I instantly remember why I choose to Homeschool my children... I want to fill my dear childrens minds with purity and good. Eternal goals, biblical wisdom and solid foundations.
For those of you who think Im sheltering my children... I am. What's wrong with that? Their children. Shouldn't they be protected? You would not throw a puppy or a kitty into a lions den so why would I throw my children into a world that would eat them alive without being properly equipped?
I've heard the arguments before and quite frankly they don't interest me. They have no ground to stand on. Not in my house.
"They have to learn how to cope in the real world..."

YES! Your right. Unfortunately they have to. Unfortunately this world is not a great place to live which is exactly why they need special instruction before stepping out.
Thats where I step in. Who better to teach them then their mother. I made them, I know them and I love them. It just makes sense. One day they will be grown. They will leave the nest. I will push them and they will fly. All the lessons that have been instilled in their hearts will come to their minds and they will fly. They will have a solid foundation and soar. When the waves come knocking at their door and shake them to their core... they can pull from their heart filled knowledge and steady the boat. The storm will pass and the sun will shine again.
So next time you meet a homeschool family and have doubts... perhaps you need to reflect on your own childs needs instead of mine. As you can see, mine are all taken care of. Take count on who is filling your childs heart and what life lessons they will be able to look back on. 35 hours a week is being filled by someone else. Someone who can never love, teach, nuture,protect and guide like you.


  1. You are doing what is right for you, & that is admirable. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. I read your blog..I guess you could call me a lurker. LOL! I enjoy seeing your post about homeschooling. Just wanted to say that I agree with everything you said and I LOVE the kitten in the lions den analogy. I might just have to steal it ; )



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