Monday, August 24, 2009

Our Schedule??!!??

Our schedule is still under construction. A lot needs to be changed and perfected. Teaching a large family always has its challenges so basically each day is new but on a perfect day it goes something like this:

8:00- Breakfast on the table, mom drinks coffee, checks email,blog and then away she goes...

9:00- Kids are dressed, morning chores are complete (by all) house is ready to begin schooling

9:30- School books are brought out, pledges are done, memory work is reviewed.

9:45- Devotion/prayer done together

10:00- Older girls entertain and play with younger kids outside or upstairs while I school Molly (5 yo)
Letter learning, Math learning, etc...

10:30- Puzzles brought out for younger kids, Molly does coloring worksheet and older girls start school. I try to have them start with the same subjects so my mind does not have to switch gears too much...

12:00- We break for lunch and have some free time to let off some steam .... Abby goes in for a nap... kitchen and house is cleaned again and ready for round 2!

Depending on when we restructure, school is completed. If its a particularly frazzling day we will just end and finish the next day. I do not hesitate to close books and put them away if the day is not going well. Tears does not equal quality learning. Also, we might spend double time in math if we are on a roll and are really starting to understand a subject, if thats the case other subjects will be shortened and made up the next day.
They are also required to do 30 minutes of chapter reading a day, I read to the younger kids for their reading time. Math drills are done to sharpen multiplication skills but will soon be stopped due to GREAT progress. We will then switch to states and capitals.
On top of independent reading, we read a book together. Hannah needs a bit more special instruction in reading, so with me reading along, it has really helped her confidence and enthusiasm. My goal is to read "Raising Maidens Of Virtue" with them and discuss purity and Godly living.
Emma also has to start literature. The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer will be her first literary work.
Each older girl keeps a journal and I let them write almost every day for 5 minutes.
The only subjects done together on the same level is Science. Molly will join in as a little helper and soak in as much as possible. The science coarse calls for a "buddy" so them working together will work wonderfully.

Our real schooling schedule does not go into effect till next week. Our new year books will not be used until then but we are doing review right now and trying to slowly get back into the swing of things.

I must go. I want to review tomorrows school work and I have to pack. A full day of Phys Ed is in the morning and a day of chatting with other homeschool moms... I can't wait!


  1. I don't know how you do it with 5! I love where you said you LET them do 5 minutes of writing a day. For us it's FORCE him to write at least 3 sentences in a journal each day! And rewards for work well done includes a day with no journaling!

  2. For a fun way to always be able to remember the 50 States and Capitals, check out:



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