Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ode To All Homeschool Moms...

As I waste precious brain cells on Facebook, I frequently read other HS mommies write about their first day. Some blogged, some commented and some even posted pictures. The more I read, the more my excitement bubbled. I could not wait to dive in and start!! School in our little Red House was not scheduled to start until September 1st, after all company had cleared out and our house regained some sense of normalcy. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Sissy Cindy-Lu & Co will not be driving down south for a visit. As sad as I was, It occurred to me that I can start to school the kids sooner and have our year begin!!!
Today was the day! We were up early. T.v was turned OFF and our plan was discussed and placed into action. Our new year texts and computer programs will not be opened until Sept. 1st but we will construct a semi-easy day full of review, reading comprehension and letter memorization with the little ones. Websites will be used to sharpen skills lost from the summer sun and prayerfully by the time school is officially in session we will be pro's!!!
So... how'd it go you wonder??? To sum things up... by 10:30 I needed a nap. I had broken up several fights, answered the same question (by Molly) 1000 times. Gorilla glued the kids closet shut (that contained crayons,puzzles,games,crafts) after a nervous breakdown... and contemplated for a second... (just a second I assure you) to not leave the kids IN the closet as I glued it.... tripped over toys and so forth.
Tonight I will go to bible study and pray over my day. I will re-think our schedule and tweak some morning routines. I am not discouraged and know this is a battle I can win.
I reflect on the many moms who I have met during this past year... with families of all sizes. They too have battles but each day God brings new grace. Homeschooling is a calling and I know God would never call us to do something we can't do... so today, we closed the books, ate lunch and went outside to play. My wheels are turning and I look forward to tomorrow... a fresh start and perhaps an extra splash of patience poured in my very strong coffee.
I know in heaven their will be an extra special crown for us homeschool moms. We sacrifice so much to fill our kids with eternal knowledge and security. Each crown will be unique, as not one homeschool mom is the same. It will glorify the creative genius we needed every day to make each session a success. Each crown will have gems for every tear we cried, every help prayer we shouted and every scream of victory we yelled. These crowns will fill us with peace and we will hear the Lord say... You are done!!! It is then we will gather together and happily place those crowns at Jesus feet. The work could not have been done without the help of our creator!! We will skip and dance for joy for our mission is fulfilled!!! . and we will spend eternity chatting with one another over some coffee exchanging the challenges we faced and answers to prayers we were blessed with......


  1. Amy, you are an inspiration to me as a homeschool mom. Thanks for letting me read your blog! :)

  2. Hugs to you! Don't we so often set our expectations so high...I have to laugh with you about days like this!

    You are so right about the purpose and our goals!

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane
    and Homeschooling at Hospitality Lane

  3. Cheers with our coffee cups to another home schooling day. As I read about the gorilla glue I wondered if the kiddos were in the closet or out while you glue it shut. lol. I was not going to start so early but I love finishing the year early. The weather has been very over cast here. And my hubby goes back to work in a couple weeks. So better to get the basics down before he ventures off. Wendy

  4. Thank you SO MUCH for your blessed and encouraging post, today! What a blessing to be able to share with other HS moms, and know we are not in this alone! We do have bad days ... I know I do ... and it is OK. It doesn't mean we need to give up. Thank you also for helping me to see this as a calling - I think I've seen it that way but never really verbalized it as such. Recognizing it as a calling gives me more determination to keep up the good fight. Thank you so much, again. You have no idea how much you've encouraged me, today!



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