Monday, May 11, 2015

Back To My Roots...

They say that life usually comes full circle and on the evening of my 39th Birthday it most certainly did.

My blogging days were done. After a year of forcing myself to blog for the sake of blogging, I left that part of me behind and started a new chapter. My blogging became a focus of the next best thing, numbers, SEO's and hypocrisy made something that I love turn into something that I dreaded. Funny how that works right?

Then today in Bi-lo, after picking up my daughter from work and needing sugar for my morning coffee.... it hit me. I had words that I needed to write.... But it wasn't that easy. My blog was gone. Deleted from cyberspace. My domain was gone, my name was gone, my writing was gone. Gone. POOF... Gigi's Place didn't exist.

I'm not sure the help desk was prepared for me. Whining and crying that I needed it back. I had things I had to write... and how could 7 years of heartfelt words vanish? But they did... And I let it happen. I was at a point where I could not even bear to renew my domain name and through my season of needing to hide, two years of my work went with it....

I couldn't cry. It wasn't a moment that could produce tears, but the sadness was deep. Oh the saddness of The early years when I poured my heart out for no one and wrote about my new house that was being built...The new baby girl that we were going to have... and the kitty we just bought. Back when blogging wasn't a household term and back when my view wasn't jaded....

As I drove home, totally deflated it hit me.... Wait, I still had SOMETHING!! I had THIS. The Gap Girl!! Remember her? I quickly pulled up my own domain and their I was.. smiling and a few pounds thinner. Waiting...Patiently waiting for me to come back. To be done with this silliness of business blogging and to come back home to the safe place she once was...

I find it ironic. I left this blog almost exactly 2 years ago. With big dreams and plans....and now I am back... my past 2 years gone. As if they never existed... I came full circle, back to my roots. Back to my heart. Where I wrote to just write. And I didn't care who read it. I never check my stats and don't worry about comments...because that's not why I started this to begin with.

Today is my 39th Birthday. And here I am, accidentally given the best birthday gift ever. I was taken back. Back where life was good and thoughts were pure. God has a way of doing that. He's a funny guy isn't he? I kinda like Him. Things happen, we panic and in the end, He works things out for OUR GOOD! And oh how good it feels to be back. And Oh how I have missed you....Have you missed me?



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