Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Go GapBoy...

Hubby had his first game last night. Due to late times, I stayed home with the babies and the older girls went and cheered him on! We lost but it was just the first game. We have the whole summer to kick christian booty. I must admit, GapBoy looks mighty-handsome in his shirt! Hmmm, I wonder why his number is 5???

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Seriously Solar

I found a new project!! As if I don't have enough on my plate, I have decided to spend my night hours studying the ins and outs of a solar oven on the internet. My blogger friend/mommy of 9 has had one for quite some time and Im simply drooling over her cardboard and aluminum foil goodness.
So without further ado I give you a picture of what I hope will soon be created. All ovens look different depending on the artist, I mean... person putting it together. I have some homesteading books I plan on reading tonight and hopefully by months end... One will be in the works.
Right now our #1 priority is getting our garden assembled. We finally agreed on a location and have our boards laid out. Now to wait for Jason to screw them together and fill with luscious soil. WHen will that be you wonder??? Not for a few days at least. Much to my dismay our schedules are pretty packed and it will probably not happen till friday. I will rush it on friday and have my precious plants in their new home before midnight... no matter what. I draw the line on friday. Until then I will nurse them along and watch the rest of my flowers grow.
We decided to plant some peach trees.... dwarf peach trees... shhh don't tell anyone. Im not sure if we are even allowed to have them in our neighborhood but we are going for it anyway. We need 2 or more for them to survive. They will cross-pollinate each other. Only one tree will die. But their are many fruit trees that are self pollinating.
This won't be for a while yet as hubby and I are debating over which trees to get. He wants the insta-orchid for over $100 which Im not willing to part with for trees and I want the smaller ones at Lowes for $40 (for 2) we will have to wait a few years before they produce anything. Im patient. Im willing to wait. We shall see.
This evening was perfect. Hubby finished mulching and that gave me an excuse to hang out in my front yard admiring my little red house. I do love it so. Nothing gives me more pleasure than my family and this house. The kids ran up and down the street till their feet turned black(really black) and then we all went upstairs to wash up before bed. Now the house is quite and my books are beside me ready to be studied. I will also be researching sprouting beans... don't ask. I have no idea what that means. But I want to do it and eat them for lunch!!!
Tomorrow is a busy day. I have to squeeze in RE-PLANTING my strawberry bushes. I got so caught up in the dirt this weekend that I forgot that strawberry and raspberry plants CANNOT be planted next to each other as they carry diseases that is harmful to the other. All that work in vain. Oh well, just another excuse to hang out with "fred" (our pet bumble bee) SO tomorrow the Strawberries will be moved to the other side of the yard. Ugh... a gardeners work is never done ;)

I Hate Change...

I changed my blog background once again and I don't like it... Now I can't get my old one back.... I hate change....

Friday, April 24, 2009

Birthday Video...

Kiss From A Rose

My sweet hubby bought me a beautiful yellow rose bush!! Im so excited. Its my first ever. The neighbors must have thought I was crazy because I spent all morning carrying it around and "seeing" how it would look in several hundred locations. Actually, today was no different than any other morning. After the kids are settled and I pour myself some coffee, I venture out front (followed by a few kids) and check on all of my flowers. I see which ones grew overnight (im serious) pick and prune where needed. Stare at my little tree and pray it grows bigger/faster. Untangle my windchimes on my tree, water the flowers ,straighten out my flag and dream. I check on my bulbs and see which ones emerged from the ground and how the new ones are doing. I check new growth on my little shrubs and imagine what they will be like when they are bigger.I also daydream about what plants and flowers I will be buying next and plant them in my head. Its a ritual I look forward to every time I get up and see the sun. After all, a sunny day means growth!!! My flowers are my babies and I can't wait to see them grow up. All of them are itty bitty but I see them getting bigger and know soon enough that they will be big and fragrant. I can't wait!!
Anyway, getting back to my roses... Hubby spent the evening listening to me give him the flower update and then planted my rose bush. I wanted it in the front where I can stare at it all day and where it can be seen from the street.
Tomorrow morning I will spend a few extra minutes studying her leaves and putting them to memory... that way if she gets pests or disease I will know immediately and take care of it. I will also be able to judge growth and watering.
This may be my first rose bush but it will most certainly not be my last. Some pink beauties are needed around my home too.
I will be sure to post pictures once she roots well. In the meantime I will give you updates on her condition=)
But this yellow rose bush will always be special to me. Its my first and given to me by my sweetheart. After all , one of our songs is "Kiss From A Rose..." How fitting!

The Cake Stand

My dear friend gave this to me last month. She was moving to Alaska and had to get rid of all her belongings. During our last visit together, she handed over this beautiful cake stand. It has been in her family for years. Many cakes sat inside it and many happy times were gathered around it. With tears in her eyes she passed it over to me. I was honored to be able to use it last night for the very first time for hubby's birthday.
Its show and tell at KELLI'S HOUSE. Go take a peek...

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I got this in the mail today and it made me mad!!! Then sad. Its an advertisement for having someone else come in and clean your home. The cover (as you can see) shows the parents reading to their children instead of cleaning... I guess.
 Why does this make me mad? I don't exactly know why... I can tell you what it does NOT invoke and that is jealousy. 
 I find it a privilege to clean my home. Yes I don't always do it as best as I should but its not for lack of trying. I have 6 other people running around scattering crumbs. But taking time to wipe and clean also is a time I reflect and am thankful for the beautiful home I have. The pride in my home grows as I scrub and clean and care for my family... and making it sparkle is a part of that. Im not willing to lose that connection to my home and hand it over to someone else.No. I don't think that day will ever come.
 So I guess this makes me sad because most people won't understand what Im trying to say... Yes, cleaning might be a chore sometimes but when flipped around it is such a blessing. Try it!

Have You Ever Seen Anything More Beautiful?

Here she is. The little girl who has touched hundreds of hearts and has been such an inspiration to so many. Please keep praying, she is doing well but has a long rough road ahead. Every day is a fight for life and every morning she remains with her parents is another morning of tears and rejoicing. She will go home soon and join her many siblings. The fact she is alive is a miracle. Please keep praying for more...


For a very important date. No time to say hello goodbye I'm late I'm late I'm late. Today is hubby's 32nd birthday and we have much to do!!! Cakes to bake, presents to wrap and a house to decorate. What fun to be had. Will post pictures later, in the mean time... off to plan the surprises!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rebekah Faith Budd 4lbs 6 oz...

Me and my Girls

Minutes after this picture was taken Baby Rebekah Faith Budd was born into this world. As my friend said... we must have prayed her out.Lol. Labor was long and tiring....By God's grace and mercy and healing power she is alive and well. Her heart and lungs are strong. Mommy is holding her and feeding her at this moment and plans on sleeping with her all night long. Continue to pray as she goes thru more tests and praise God for allowing her parents to meet their little girl.
I was listening to the song "God of this city" on my playlist. If you have the time, please scroll down and listen to this song. How true are those words...

"Greater things are yet to come... Greater things are still to be done in this city...."


You Know You Can Relate To This...


Monday, April 20, 2009


Have you thanked your Mom lately for choosing life?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Let The Prayers Rise Up...

Susan and I at her 40th... about 14-15 weeks along
*** Get A Tissue***

Meet Rebekah Faith Budd. Daughter to dear Michael and Susan, Little sister to Elijah ,Jeremiah, Isaiah and Josiah... owner of two very friendly fluffy cats and 3 birds. Tomorrow she embarks on a journey that has a very uncertain future. Only our God knows. At 20 weeks gestation Rebekah was diagnosed with Trisomy 18,  A chromosomal abnormality that is "not compatible to life." Her Mom and Dad were given a negative prognosis. She had a lot of physical attributes that Trisomy babies usually develop in Utero. Susan was not expected to carry past 30 weeks. While most proud mommies were out registering and celebrating (especially hearing she was having a girl after 4 boys) she was told not to set up a crib. Trips to Babies R Us turned into hospice appointments and funeral arrangements. Their Christmas vacation was spent with family and awaiting amnio results. As her belly grew bigger , along side her other pregnant friends, her joy did not match theirs. Pregnancy chatter and aches and complaints left her silent.
 From the start her friends have surrounded her and her family with prayer. As she shared Rebekahs progress week after week our prayers strengthened. Prayer meetings were held. People from all over were joined together to pray for a special little girl who looks just like her daddy.
 As the weeks passed Susan's faith and endurance grew. The prayers of her family and friends and the grace of our God lifted her like an Eagles wing. Reports remained the same. Rebekah's health slowly trickled along. Some visits were better than others. Some Doctor's had this baby buried without even giving her a chance. She had to fight and pray hard for medical interventions that any "normal" baby would, without question, get.
  But Rebekah has one thing that go past these doctors... Jesus! Rebekah is a fighter and she is growing!
 Susan could have aborted her as many moms do when given such a dim outcome. She didn't! She chose life! A life so special, a life so sweet. A life that has touched so many lives.
 I was chatting with Susan the other day and told her I have such excitement in my spirit. God has revealed himself in so many ways thru these past few months. Rebekah was not born in vain. She has a purpose and God has a plan for HER! WHether its for one minute, one day or 100 years.
 "For I know the plans I have for you sayeth the Lord..."

" For I knit you together in your mother's womb..."

Tomorrow morning at 6 a.m Susan and her husband will walk into the hospital to deliver this precious baby. What will happen is unknown. They are drawing their strength from God and praying they can meet their daughter.
 An all day prayer vigil is being held for her at the hospital. Susan will be updating her baby's status from the hospital. PLease pray for this dear family tonight. Pray for this baby's life and Thank God for the healthy babies you have had.

 On the flip-side... I think its about time baby #6 comes along don't you?? Hubby and I are going for the gold!! We had a very rough 2008. Many losses and many heartaches but God is good and we are healed. Children are a blessing, at least thats how we see them. We don't look down on another precious little face. We look up!! We know children are one of the greatest blessings we could get and we wait here with open arms for our next one. We feel bad for people who think different and close out any negative comments.
 So, please remember us in your prayers too! For a healthy pregnancy and baby! Our children have been praying daily and are just as excited as us to welcome another addition to our little red house...
 Thats it.... thats all Im telling for now . You will just have to stay tuned for updates... If we feel like sharing that is.     ;)
XOXO ~GapGirl

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sc Has Happier Cows!!!

Watch out California... You have competition now. Actually these cows have been around a lot longer and have been happier way before those commercials.
 Today was a gorgeous day so we packed up the kids and drove way out to the country. Jason showed me some really cool sites and we enjoyed the greenery. Soon it was time to go home... driving home the back way, I saw a sigh pointing toward HAPPY COW CREAMERY. Stop!! Turn that way. I had just told Jason about this place last night thanks to a friend who was just there visiting. He quickly made the turn and down the country road our big black van went.
 We were immediately greeted by some black and white lazy cows(and the wretched smell of poop ). They were enjoying the sun and grazing on some grass.
 This place was precious!!! How cute it was. First stop was the cow pen. About 5 or 6 cows were fighting and pushing each other out of the way for some fresh cool water. My older girls kept pointing out the smells and "piles" on the floor and Abigail screamed in fear. Emma kept trying to shoo away flies, Hannah could not get over the fact that cows did not "wipe" after going to the bathroom therefore leaving a bit of "residue" behind on them (hence the flies)
 Beyond the cowpen were acres of acres of green lushes grass with hundreds of cows scattered around it. Some were grazing near the lake and others were snoozing in the sun.
 After pictures were taken we went into their little country store. They sold all kinds of milk, cheese,Amish bread mixes, fresh fruits and veggies, quilts,sauces and fresh honey (that explained the huge amount of bees on the property)
 We bought some freshly made ice cream and chatted with the friendly owners. He explained the harmful process of pasteurizing and homogenizing milks and why people have "lactose intolerant" digestive issues. I told him he was RIGHT!! So many people I know who are lactose Intolerant drive out to the country for Happy Cow Milk. Their "problem" is cured and they are happy cow drinkers. So, I bought a gallon to test my theory on my boyz who have trouble. I will let you know the verdict!
 We enjoyed our ice cream outside and then went to bid farewell to the cows. They began lining up to be milked and seemed very Happy about it!
I have not blogged... for shame! I have been head first in dirt and clay. Im planting Elephant Ears, Wisteria and Lilac bushes. Along with climbing Clematis around my home. Lets hope they grow pretty and FAST! The Wisteria will be trained to grow over my small pergola over my fence gate, the Lilac bush will be growing outside my big living room picture window so we can admire the purple flowers and my Elephant ears will be growing in the shady corner of my yard right near my screen porch... It will give me that tropical jungle I always love!!
 My Blue Belle Clematis will be growing right next to the outside patio. I already have a white trellis there, so if it grows , it will climb all over (right outside my bedroom window too)
 My Hostas are back for the second year in a row.Yippie!! They seem bigger and stronger than next year but the spring has just begun. I need to plan better and prepare them for this harsh sun so they remain beautiful all summer long.
 My one Hosta around our front tree came back as well. Its smaller than the others on the side of my house but it always remained the healthiest all thru the summer heat. In the next few weeks I will be buying about 4-5 more to plant all around the tree to complete that shade garden.
 My sunflower seeds sprouted and are strong!! They are getting bigger daily. I only lost one so far to strong winds but the stems are getting thicker so I hope the rest will remain thru the summer.
 The raspberry bushes have leaves!!! Lots of them. They are not too much bigger but seem healthy. We lost one due to a "car" accident in our yard. The collision snapped the branch but lo and behold. Small leaves started growing from the bottom of the broken branch. That plant is behind its brothers but still is a fighter.
 Our Strawberry bushes have cute pink flowers on them. How perfect!!
 Now I must bid farewell.... Off to Lowes to see what else I can convince the Mr. to buy me for my little Red House...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day Trips To Charleston

 My kids and I are head first in the Revolutionary War. Tomorrow we will read a book all about Paul Revere's famous ride (thanks scholastic.) We will memorize parts of the Declaration Of Independence, and research some of the most famous men involved with that precious piece of paper. We have also talked about the Civil War. We have fact books on it, have already researched and discussed Harriet Tubman (from our daily study of different famous Americans) have many books on the Underground Railroad, Biographys and more. Im excited. The weather is nice and day trips are in the works.
 Charleston is just a 3 hour trip east of us... and its FULL of history. History so amazing you can actually feel it as you walk down the streets. You could spend a month there alone visiting all the different historical battlefields,museums,Harbors,Slave auction houses, Plantations. I almost don't know where to start.
 I thought about MUSEUM MILE... but then settled on either BOONE PLANTATION or the MARITIME MUSEUM. We were going to Boone this weekend but realized that the plantation was hosting the low country strawberry festival. So off to honor the brave men and women who gave their lives for this country. We can see the amazing aircraft and carriers.I know my Hubby would just love that. Pay our respects at the memorial and sit by the harbor and soak in some much needed salt water. Perhaps in 3 weeks we can go back and go to Boone.
 The SLAVE MARKET HOUSE is under construction but looks so amazing and of coarse before we will go home, we will swing by the CONFEDERACY MUSEUM and make sure us full-blooded yankees...(well all except 2...ooppss) get a picture on the steps conquering the south!!!
 What fun awaits us... lets hope gas prices do not blow up our plans!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Its A Small World!

I had weekend guests to help celebrate the holiday. Thursday night I picked up Maygen from the airport. We have not seen her in about 9 months, so it was a happy greeting. The next day I had friends come have dinner and spend the evening with us as well. They were from Ny and they have family close by. Whenever they come down and visit, they always stop by and say hello. The visit is always welcomed and conversation is great. It also turned out to be one of Maygen's close friends AND they live right below her back in Ny... so we all had fun eating, laughing, stuffing easter eggs for our hunt and watching the wicked lightning storm. We had some serious rain that night along with tornado warnings and hail. (the last picture was some of the hail that fell and bounced around in my flower bed) At one point we lost power for a second  and even turned our lights off to see the lightning streak thru the sky.
 Tomorrow Maygen goes home which is always sad but we know time will go by and she will be back. We will do more fun things, laugh and have another enjoyable visit. 
 Like always another severe storm is making its way to the south which means one thing... Her flight will be delayed. Why break tradition right?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Song OF Easter...

As some of you may have known I gave away my beloved copy of my favorite book to a dear friend who was moving to a galaxy far far away. It was a gift from the heart and I hope and pray it touches her as much as it has touched me. I read it about 3 times and would always read snippets right before bed. My wonderful hubby saw how much I missed it and surprised me with a brand new shiny copy this morning. I love that man!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Things To Look Forward To... SO Far...

1 day till Dugin Flies in for Easter...

2 days till dinner with Lindsay, Dave and Christopher

3 days till our fun filled Easter Egg hunt

19 days till Jason's first church softball game ( we will supply the cheering crowd)

20 days till our date night to the Baseball game

49 days till Jason's family flies in for a long awaited fun visit!

72 days till our weekend away at our Homeschool Conference

157 days till our weekend away to Savannah Georgia to see the sights and hang on the beach!


Last Year Easter 2008
Last year Little Miss Muffet was 10 months old and as cute as a button. She was just a spectator at the Springs most important holiday. This year things have changed!!!
 Yesterday I dumped my bag of saved eggs and lost count at 213!! My closet is full of scrumptious easter jelly beans and chocolate. In two days my visiting friend and I will stuff these babies and run through the dark hiding eggs for my annual "block" Easter egg hunt. I sent out all the emails and warned the neighbors not to shoot me us if they should see some blond shadows running on their property in the middle of the night. I can't wait. Im so excited. So far we have 10 yes's, 1 maybe and 2 I still need to speak with. We also have 2 babies under 12 months that will be watching in hopes that they too can soon join the fun!
 Now Im off, not only do I have to stuff those eggs but I promised the church I would stuff 3 dozen more for the church egg hunt this weekend. TONIGHT!! I better get crackin. (hee hee)
  How Egg-xiting!
 P.s. Your welcome to join me in the fun. This Saturday, my front lawn 9:30 a.m.  sharp!!!  =)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Madame Curie....

While I cooked dinner, the girls had a quick science lesson with their microscope. Hannah investigated the 3 prepared slides with onion peels and cotton on them. That soon changed as Feta cheese, cucumber skins and anything within reach got dissected and inserted under the scope!
 Today will be no different, we will head out in the backyard and view our world in a different way. I love seeing my kids so excited about learning!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


A portion of my afternoon was spent reading "Raising Maidens Of Virtue" in my backyard. My kids were catching  ladybugs and caterpillars on our one teeny-tiny tree in our yard. I felt bad they didn't have more bushes to pick from but all in due time. We will be adding more trees shortly. Until then, we will be Thankful for what we have and enjoy the sunshine!! Life is GOOD!

Week-end What Nots....

Its a beautiful warm 75 degree day in the Sunny-patch. A must needed day. We have had endless days of rain, followed by sunny, w-i-n-d-y days. Not much to enjoy... but today is perfect!
The kids are outside in the screened porch eating lunch and naming the caterpillars they are catching (poor things) The veggie plants are back outside in the sun growing and drinking the water I just gave them. During my morning walk around my lawn I noticed my hostas are back! I was thrilled! I was sure the SC sun burned them to the ground never to be seen again but alas... their heads are peaking up thru the mulch. I only lost one small sunflower to the hurricane-like winds the other day, the rest seem strong!
The Vinca vines around my mailbox are high!! I have to find chicken wire to wrap around the post so they can cling and go up instead of out... and last but not least, I saw the very first leaf bud on my front tree. Spring is officially here!! I don't think I can get any more excited than I already am.
The week in review was a good week. Despite the weather, we managed to experiment with different types of writing/poetry styles. The girls had fun being creative with warm weather words. My DiscoDiva came over (and brought bagels...) for coffee and a quick visit, I reconnected with a wonderful "old" friend (thanks facebook) and last night I had 9 kids in my yard running around high on ice cream and sprinkles.
This next week will be even better. Out of town company will be driving AND flying in. Easter will be celebrated!!! And I organized a small easter egg hunt with the kids on the block. I also have Shasta Daisy seeds I NEED to get in the ground! I will be sure to post pictures....
I will be busy schooling, teaching, growing (plants), cooking, and visiting this week. Jason and I also begin teaching the 3 year old church class tomorrow so tonight after the kids go to bed we will slip out in the back-porch, listen to the frogs in the creek and plan our lessons.
I can't wait! I hope you all enjoy your week ahead as well!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stimulating The Economy...

I was reading the local paper the other day and was bombarded by articles about our poor falling economy. Stores are closing, people are getting laid off and wallets remain closed. I wanted to help so I did the best thing I could! I ran to Kirklands to be a good citizen and stimulate the economy. Im assuming most of the women in the county wanted to do the EXACT same thing as me because when I entered the store it was abuzz with activity!!!! Ladies rushing here and there filling their arms with all sorts of wonderful treasures. They were really passionate about their mission and did not have time to stop and chat. Darn...oh well. I continued about my browsing and came upon a certain mirror I had been eyeing for a few weeks. With #3 and #4 in tow (the rest waited in the car...) I grabbed my treasure and headed for the register. 
 Even though I wanted to save the world... I also had to save my checking account, so I whipped out a coupon and scored this beloved baby for $20!!!
 What a deal. I now will have the start of a beautiful new foyer! I can't wait for hubby to hang it up.
 Im also excited to read the paper tomorrow. With all the cha-ching going on in Kirklands yesterday, Im sure the economy is back on track!!! When in doubt about the future of America just come on over to our county. Our Southern women can cure any financial need around ;)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Mental Shopping List

Note To Self:



Bananas 6 lbs 
Potatoes 10 lbs 
Garlic 3 lbs 
5 dozen eggs 
Taco seasoning 
Milk-10 gallons
Lactaid(Noah) 6 -1/2 gallons


All paper goods 
Rice 6 lbs 
Spaghetti 4 lbs 
10 cans Tuna 
Butter 4 lbs 
Shredded cheese 2-12 oz bags 
3 containers sour cream 
Taco shells-4 boxes (for wednesday night taco's...)
10 bottles of soda for the hubby 
Apple juice 3-96oz bottles
Lemonade, 2 frozen cans 
Loaf of bread-10
Hamburger buns-2
Hot dog buns-2
black beans
kidney beans
canned biscuits-10
Creamed soups-3 of each
Diapers-2 bags


Green/red peppers to freeze
Sweet onions
red onions


Soap-8 bars (restock)
Hand soap


Swiffer sweeps for bath and kitchen
Dish detergent for sink and dishwasher

These are the things running through my head as I prepare for shopping day. These are just some of the basic staples I always have to keep on hand and some essentials that barely get us through two weeks. Along with these items I have meats, limited snacks, hubby treats (which will be edited due to new diet) baking goods and etc... Then of coarse we detour my store of choice for perhaps a treat for mom?New picture,pillow or decor for the home???
Who needs socks,shoes,new underwear,scrunchies,who outgrew skirts and all that jazz.
Like I said previously, sometimes my list is two pages long.
I don't have a "menu" even though every Sunday we have homemade Sunday Spaghetti sauce and every wednesday is Taco night. I think I will be dis-owned if I dare decide to change. All other nights are whatever we decide to make/create/experiment with. I always make sure I have a well stocked pantry so I can be versatile and create a gazillion different meals with whatever I have. This also helps us be flexible for unexpected events. If we are running behind or if something comes up, then another meal can be quickly assembled in ones place. If a meal needs to be doubled or stretched to make room for welcomed guests, or to give to a friend/neighbor in need, it can also easily be done due to my pantry stock. Everyones pantries will be different due to cooking methods and taste preferences. Mine has stayed consistent for about 5 years. I didn't even realize I was creating one till years into it.
 Shopping takes me all day, several carts and lots of help. My kids come with me and Im teaching them as I go. Size,price,creativity... Unloading and putting away lasts for at least 2 hours as I clean,re-arrange and re-assemble. Plus the million times Im interrupted.
 I love it though, I love every second. I end the day exhausted and usually with  a headache but I will not exchange that day for the world!
 Nothing makes me happier than stocking my home. I work hard to buy what we need so we can spend the rest of our days fellow-shipping with others and ourselves over warm food. Food is the second heart of the home, it brings people together. It comforts and celebrates with us!
 If my shopping is done well then we can use the rest of our days for schooling. Not worrying about several store trips or forgotten items!
How do you handle your shopping days? I would love to hear!!!


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