Sunday, April 12, 2009

Its A Small World!

I had weekend guests to help celebrate the holiday. Thursday night I picked up Maygen from the airport. We have not seen her in about 9 months, so it was a happy greeting. The next day I had friends come have dinner and spend the evening with us as well. They were from Ny and they have family close by. Whenever they come down and visit, they always stop by and say hello. The visit is always welcomed and conversation is great. It also turned out to be one of Maygen's close friends AND they live right below her back in Ny... so we all had fun eating, laughing, stuffing easter eggs for our hunt and watching the wicked lightning storm. We had some serious rain that night along with tornado warnings and hail. (the last picture was some of the hail that fell and bounced around in my flower bed) At one point we lost power for a second  and even turned our lights off to see the lightning streak thru the sky.
 Tomorrow Maygen goes home which is always sad but we know time will go by and she will be back. We will do more fun things, laugh and have another enjoyable visit. 
 Like always another severe storm is making its way to the south which means one thing... Her flight will be delayed. Why break tradition right?

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