Saturday, April 4, 2009

Week-end What Nots....

Its a beautiful warm 75 degree day in the Sunny-patch. A must needed day. We have had endless days of rain, followed by sunny, w-i-n-d-y days. Not much to enjoy... but today is perfect!
The kids are outside in the screened porch eating lunch and naming the caterpillars they are catching (poor things) The veggie plants are back outside in the sun growing and drinking the water I just gave them. During my morning walk around my lawn I noticed my hostas are back! I was thrilled! I was sure the SC sun burned them to the ground never to be seen again but alas... their heads are peaking up thru the mulch. I only lost one small sunflower to the hurricane-like winds the other day, the rest seem strong!
The Vinca vines around my mailbox are high!! I have to find chicken wire to wrap around the post so they can cling and go up instead of out... and last but not least, I saw the very first leaf bud on my front tree. Spring is officially here!! I don't think I can get any more excited than I already am.
The week in review was a good week. Despite the weather, we managed to experiment with different types of writing/poetry styles. The girls had fun being creative with warm weather words. My DiscoDiva came over (and brought bagels...) for coffee and a quick visit, I reconnected with a wonderful "old" friend (thanks facebook) and last night I had 9 kids in my yard running around high on ice cream and sprinkles.
This next week will be even better. Out of town company will be driving AND flying in. Easter will be celebrated!!! And I organized a small easter egg hunt with the kids on the block. I also have Shasta Daisy seeds I NEED to get in the ground! I will be sure to post pictures....
I will be busy schooling, teaching, growing (plants), cooking, and visiting this week. Jason and I also begin teaching the 3 year old church class tomorrow so tonight after the kids go to bed we will slip out in the back-porch, listen to the frogs in the creek and plan our lessons.
I can't wait! I hope you all enjoy your week ahead as well!!


  1. I love tonight's plan with hubby. There can be sweet romance even in the little things.

  2. You have had a busy week and all the Spring flowers sound wonderful. It is mostly still winter ugly here. I love Hostas but they don't love the desert.

    Have fun tonight on the porch!

    Roberta Anne aka
    The Raggedy Girl

  3. That's so cute you are teaching the three-year-olds at church. I'm anxious to hear how that goes. I now teach a class of boys and girls ages 7 and 8. It's a huge change from the young teenage girls, but it's been a lot of fun!



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