Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sc Has Happier Cows!!!

Watch out California... You have competition now. Actually these cows have been around a lot longer and have been happier way before those commercials.
 Today was a gorgeous day so we packed up the kids and drove way out to the country. Jason showed me some really cool sites and we enjoyed the greenery. Soon it was time to go home... driving home the back way, I saw a sigh pointing toward HAPPY COW CREAMERY. Stop!! Turn that way. I had just told Jason about this place last night thanks to a friend who was just there visiting. He quickly made the turn and down the country road our big black van went.
 We were immediately greeted by some black and white lazy cows(and the wretched smell of poop ). They were enjoying the sun and grazing on some grass.
 This place was precious!!! How cute it was. First stop was the cow pen. About 5 or 6 cows were fighting and pushing each other out of the way for some fresh cool water. My older girls kept pointing out the smells and "piles" on the floor and Abigail screamed in fear. Emma kept trying to shoo away flies, Hannah could not get over the fact that cows did not "wipe" after going to the bathroom therefore leaving a bit of "residue" behind on them (hence the flies)
 Beyond the cowpen were acres of acres of green lushes grass with hundreds of cows scattered around it. Some were grazing near the lake and others were snoozing in the sun.
 After pictures were taken we went into their little country store. They sold all kinds of milk, cheese,Amish bread mixes, fresh fruits and veggies, quilts,sauces and fresh honey (that explained the huge amount of bees on the property)
 We bought some freshly made ice cream and chatted with the friendly owners. He explained the harmful process of pasteurizing and homogenizing milks and why people have "lactose intolerant" digestive issues. I told him he was RIGHT!! So many people I know who are lactose Intolerant drive out to the country for Happy Cow Milk. Their "problem" is cured and they are happy cow drinkers. So, I bought a gallon to test my theory on my boyz who have trouble. I will let you know the verdict!
 We enjoyed our ice cream outside and then went to bid farewell to the cows. They began lining up to be milked and seemed very Happy about it!

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  1. I have been to South Carolina and California and the cows would have to be happier in SC. We try to not go more than 100 miles into California and never to Los Angeles.

    Roberta Anne



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