Friday, April 24, 2009

Kiss From A Rose

My sweet hubby bought me a beautiful yellow rose bush!! Im so excited. Its my first ever. The neighbors must have thought I was crazy because I spent all morning carrying it around and "seeing" how it would look in several hundred locations. Actually, today was no different than any other morning. After the kids are settled and I pour myself some coffee, I venture out front (followed by a few kids) and check on all of my flowers. I see which ones grew overnight (im serious) pick and prune where needed. Stare at my little tree and pray it grows bigger/faster. Untangle my windchimes on my tree, water the flowers ,straighten out my flag and dream. I check on my bulbs and see which ones emerged from the ground and how the new ones are doing. I check new growth on my little shrubs and imagine what they will be like when they are bigger.I also daydream about what plants and flowers I will be buying next and plant them in my head. Its a ritual I look forward to every time I get up and see the sun. After all, a sunny day means growth!!! My flowers are my babies and I can't wait to see them grow up. All of them are itty bitty but I see them getting bigger and know soon enough that they will be big and fragrant. I can't wait!!
Anyway, getting back to my roses... Hubby spent the evening listening to me give him the flower update and then planted my rose bush. I wanted it in the front where I can stare at it all day and where it can be seen from the street.
Tomorrow morning I will spend a few extra minutes studying her leaves and putting them to memory... that way if she gets pests or disease I will know immediately and take care of it. I will also be able to judge growth and watering.
This may be my first rose bush but it will most certainly not be my last. Some pink beauties are needed around my home too.
I will be sure to post pictures once she roots well. In the meantime I will give you updates on her condition=)
But this yellow rose bush will always be special to me. Its my first and given to me by my sweetheart. After all , one of our songs is "Kiss From A Rose..." How fitting!

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