Saturday, April 18, 2009

I have not blogged... for shame! I have been head first in dirt and clay. Im planting Elephant Ears, Wisteria and Lilac bushes. Along with climbing Clematis around my home. Lets hope they grow pretty and FAST! The Wisteria will be trained to grow over my small pergola over my fence gate, the Lilac bush will be growing outside my big living room picture window so we can admire the purple flowers and my Elephant ears will be growing in the shady corner of my yard right near my screen porch... It will give me that tropical jungle I always love!!
 My Blue Belle Clematis will be growing right next to the outside patio. I already have a white trellis there, so if it grows , it will climb all over (right outside my bedroom window too)
 My Hostas are back for the second year in a row.Yippie!! They seem bigger and stronger than next year but the spring has just begun. I need to plan better and prepare them for this harsh sun so they remain beautiful all summer long.
 My one Hosta around our front tree came back as well. Its smaller than the others on the side of my house but it always remained the healthiest all thru the summer heat. In the next few weeks I will be buying about 4-5 more to plant all around the tree to complete that shade garden.
 My sunflower seeds sprouted and are strong!! They are getting bigger daily. I only lost one so far to strong winds but the stems are getting thicker so I hope the rest will remain thru the summer.
 The raspberry bushes have leaves!!! Lots of them. They are not too much bigger but seem healthy. We lost one due to a "car" accident in our yard. The collision snapped the branch but lo and behold. Small leaves started growing from the bottom of the broken branch. That plant is behind its brothers but still is a fighter.
 Our Strawberry bushes have cute pink flowers on them. How perfect!!
 Now I must bid farewell.... Off to Lowes to see what else I can convince the Mr. to buy me for my little Red House...

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