Sunday, April 19, 2009

Let The Prayers Rise Up...

Susan and I at her 40th... about 14-15 weeks along
*** Get A Tissue***

Meet Rebekah Faith Budd. Daughter to dear Michael and Susan, Little sister to Elijah ,Jeremiah, Isaiah and Josiah... owner of two very friendly fluffy cats and 3 birds. Tomorrow she embarks on a journey that has a very uncertain future. Only our God knows. At 20 weeks gestation Rebekah was diagnosed with Trisomy 18,  A chromosomal abnormality that is "not compatible to life." Her Mom and Dad were given a negative prognosis. She had a lot of physical attributes that Trisomy babies usually develop in Utero. Susan was not expected to carry past 30 weeks. While most proud mommies were out registering and celebrating (especially hearing she was having a girl after 4 boys) she was told not to set up a crib. Trips to Babies R Us turned into hospice appointments and funeral arrangements. Their Christmas vacation was spent with family and awaiting amnio results. As her belly grew bigger , along side her other pregnant friends, her joy did not match theirs. Pregnancy chatter and aches and complaints left her silent.
 From the start her friends have surrounded her and her family with prayer. As she shared Rebekahs progress week after week our prayers strengthened. Prayer meetings were held. People from all over were joined together to pray for a special little girl who looks just like her daddy.
 As the weeks passed Susan's faith and endurance grew. The prayers of her family and friends and the grace of our God lifted her like an Eagles wing. Reports remained the same. Rebekah's health slowly trickled along. Some visits were better than others. Some Doctor's had this baby buried without even giving her a chance. She had to fight and pray hard for medical interventions that any "normal" baby would, without question, get.
  But Rebekah has one thing that go past these doctors... Jesus! Rebekah is a fighter and she is growing!
 Susan could have aborted her as many moms do when given such a dim outcome. She didn't! She chose life! A life so special, a life so sweet. A life that has touched so many lives.
 I was chatting with Susan the other day and told her I have such excitement in my spirit. God has revealed himself in so many ways thru these past few months. Rebekah was not born in vain. She has a purpose and God has a plan for HER! WHether its for one minute, one day or 100 years.
 "For I know the plans I have for you sayeth the Lord..."

" For I knit you together in your mother's womb..."

Tomorrow morning at 6 a.m Susan and her husband will walk into the hospital to deliver this precious baby. What will happen is unknown. They are drawing their strength from God and praying they can meet their daughter.
 An all day prayer vigil is being held for her at the hospital. Susan will be updating her baby's status from the hospital. PLease pray for this dear family tonight. Pray for this baby's life and Thank God for the healthy babies you have had.

 On the flip-side... I think its about time baby #6 comes along don't you?? Hubby and I are going for the gold!! We had a very rough 2008. Many losses and many heartaches but God is good and we are healed. Children are a blessing, at least thats how we see them. We don't look down on another precious little face. We look up!! We know children are one of the greatest blessings we could get and we wait here with open arms for our next one. We feel bad for people who think different and close out any negative comments.
 So, please remember us in your prayers too! For a healthy pregnancy and baby! Our children have been praying daily and are just as excited as us to welcome another addition to our little red house...
 Thats it.... thats all Im telling for now . You will just have to stay tuned for updates... If we feel like sharing that is.     ;)
XOXO ~GapGirl


  1. I will hold this precious family in prayer.

    from Roberta Anne = The Raggedy Girl

  2. That was so well said, Amy! I've kind of gone between tears and joy all day today, and can only imagine how the Budds must feel! I'm setting my alarm in the am to start praying for God's miraculous will.

    Oh, and Amy... Whoooo HOOOOOO!

  3. that was beautifully written Amy!!! praying for Susan and her family and you guys too wooohooo!!!!



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