Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Mental Shopping List

Note To Self:



Bananas 6 lbs 
Potatoes 10 lbs 
Garlic 3 lbs 
5 dozen eggs 
Taco seasoning 
Milk-10 gallons
Lactaid(Noah) 6 -1/2 gallons


All paper goods 
Rice 6 lbs 
Spaghetti 4 lbs 
10 cans Tuna 
Butter 4 lbs 
Shredded cheese 2-12 oz bags 
3 containers sour cream 
Taco shells-4 boxes (for wednesday night taco's...)
10 bottles of soda for the hubby 
Apple juice 3-96oz bottles
Lemonade, 2 frozen cans 
Loaf of bread-10
Hamburger buns-2
Hot dog buns-2
black beans
kidney beans
canned biscuits-10
Creamed soups-3 of each
Diapers-2 bags


Green/red peppers to freeze
Sweet onions
red onions


Soap-8 bars (restock)
Hand soap


Swiffer sweeps for bath and kitchen
Dish detergent for sink and dishwasher

These are the things running through my head as I prepare for shopping day. These are just some of the basic staples I always have to keep on hand and some essentials that barely get us through two weeks. Along with these items I have meats, limited snacks, hubby treats (which will be edited due to new diet) baking goods and etc... Then of coarse we detour my store of choice for perhaps a treat for mom?New picture,pillow or decor for the home???
Who needs socks,shoes,new underwear,scrunchies,who outgrew skirts and all that jazz.
Like I said previously, sometimes my list is two pages long.
I don't have a "menu" even though every Sunday we have homemade Sunday Spaghetti sauce and every wednesday is Taco night. I think I will be dis-owned if I dare decide to change. All other nights are whatever we decide to make/create/experiment with. I always make sure I have a well stocked pantry so I can be versatile and create a gazillion different meals with whatever I have. This also helps us be flexible for unexpected events. If we are running behind or if something comes up, then another meal can be quickly assembled in ones place. If a meal needs to be doubled or stretched to make room for welcomed guests, or to give to a friend/neighbor in need, it can also easily be done due to my pantry stock. Everyones pantries will be different due to cooking methods and taste preferences. Mine has stayed consistent for about 5 years. I didn't even realize I was creating one till years into it.
 Shopping takes me all day, several carts and lots of help. My kids come with me and Im teaching them as I go. Size,price,creativity... Unloading and putting away lasts for at least 2 hours as I clean,re-arrange and re-assemble. Plus the million times Im interrupted.
 I love it though, I love every second. I end the day exhausted and usually with  a headache but I will not exchange that day for the world!
 Nothing makes me happier than stocking my home. I work hard to buy what we need so we can spend the rest of our days fellow-shipping with others and ourselves over warm food. Food is the second heart of the home, it brings people together. It comforts and celebrates with us!
 If my shopping is done well then we can use the rest of our days for schooling. Not worrying about several store trips or forgotten items!
How do you handle your shopping days? I would love to hear!!!

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  1. Hubby is a math major. He is great with the prices and deals so he has taken over the 'food' shopping. Which is great for me with the 8,5,4,3,2, and soon to be one year old. But we all go to Costco together for that big one.



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