Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Things To Look Forward To... SO Far...

1 day till Dugin Flies in for Easter...

2 days till dinner with Lindsay, Dave and Christopher

3 days till our fun filled Easter Egg hunt

19 days till Jason's first church softball game ( we will supply the cheering crowd)

20 days till our date night to the Baseball game

49 days till Jason's family flies in for a long awaited fun visit!

72 days till our weekend away at our Homeschool Conference

157 days till our weekend away to Savannah Georgia to see the sights and hang on the beach!


  1. I love countdown's. And so do the kids.
    They always ask --- how many more days.


  2. I was just stopping by to see what you were up to. For some silly reason my hand, which was so much better, is really hurting today so I am not up to typing. So I made this little message to let you know I still came by...and I loved your post because I always do!

    Roberta Anne...The Raggedy Girl

  3. I'm so sad I haven't visited your site more often, you are a great blogger! I have loved reading your posts and hope you don't mind if I become a regular ;)

  4. My aunt and Uncle Jim live just out side Savannah. I really want to go there and visit them some day! (If we ever do it will be in the same trip to see you guys! :) My Aunt Marsha was a tour guide in Savannah for a log time - she loved it, and I loved hearing her stories ~ that place sounds amazing! ;)



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