Friday, July 31, 2009

A Few Things I Still Strongly Believe In...


* Wearing your Sunday Best To Church

*Going To Church On Sunday

* HANDWRITTEN Thank You notes

*Hostess gifts

*Saying Grace before dinner, no matter who is dining with us!

* Introductions


*Holding doors open for others

*Please, Thank you and everything in between

*Social Graces


*Family meals


*Dating your husband

*Wearing your wedding rings

*Having your husband lead

*Hospitality,Hospitality Hospitality

Just some things I have been thinking about....

Hip Hip Hooray!!!

3 cheers to my wonderful Gapboy for finding the problem and taking the time to fix my very messed up blog!!! It, of coarse, was entirely MY FAULT. I downloaded a picture off the internet which messed everything up so I had to delete some messy posts to make the page better once again.
I was simply obsessing all day! Even on our evening stroll, it was all I could talk about... (besides the lightning strikes we saw in the distance.yikes)
So my movie review of Confessions Of A Shopaholic is no longer available... even though I will buy the movie at once and watch it over and over again.
Anyway, I must be off. My Little Red House is a Big Red Mess. I have clothes strewn from door to door... I wish I can say they were new but I can't. Im getting ready for my big sale soon and Can't wait to start racking in the profits.
All monies are accounted for but I do have a "short" secret list of wants/needs/must-have/basic human rights that Im hoping to sneak in thru my little front door. You know, a certain snakeskin oversized clutch that would be just perfect, a pink purse for those "date nights.", a fire pit for the backyard (for the kiddies of coarse;), cute open toed heels to go with that snakeskin clutch and of coarse some new shirts to go with the purse and heels...DUH...
sigh... one can dream right? Until then, I will continue to prune my butterfly bush, try to control my HUGE morning glories and dream....

Back In The Saddle Again

I have to be honest. I fell off the wagon again! Between company coming to visit and late night indulgences, my pretty leopard print scale has not gone down. Im saddened and truly blame myself. The only thing I lost is motivation!! But ALAS... motivation is back and Im full steam ahead. My next house guests do not arrive until the 16th of August...plenty of time to establish a routine and new habit. I have already begun my walking a few days ago and as of today will cut out as much unnecessary "junk" from my diet.
To refresh your memories... my very attainable goal is 7 lbs... but a bonus would be 10 lbs!! Oh how lovely! 10 lbs would also put me at a good weight that all new clothes will be a must... even MORE motivation.
I am making a lifestyle change more than a diet. Diet is such an ugly word and most people fail miserably after time and end up gaining it back. My lifestyle change will not only affect my weight, but my health, my stamina and will improve the quality of life for everyone. The whole family will get involved and we can all be happier and healthier and mommy will be skinnier=).
My one guilty pleasure... late night mexican goodness binge will have to be STOPPED. This is where self control and prayer must be learned. Sigh... oh but that cheesy goodness is so yummy.... Perhaps just a few? ;)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Still Mad

Im sill quite perturbed at this new layout that my blog insists on doing yet when I click on older posts... Viola... my blog is back to normal??? Go figure. Will I ever get it fixed or am I destined to smash my computer? Who knows.
I cannot rest or think of anything interesting to write until it gets fixed. My wall is up, my writers block has settled in... Im toast!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What The Heck??

What the heck happened to my blog?? All my side bar thing-eys are off to the bottom and I can't seem to correct it! IM quite aggravated so if anyone out there can help me then just comment me some answers... and my font is all messed up. Gee-wiz. Thats it, Im going to bed... :/

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

God Bless Quiverfulls!

This evening as I unwind from a very busy week at VBS I found T-H-I-S article in my inbox. I receive the Jeub's blog updates and often look forward to reading what Chris Jeub has to say. He and his wife Wendy have 15 children. A quiverful. Something that is not understood and even frowned upon by most Americans. Christian or not. I admire them and envy them. I know from just having five that my family teeters on the line of being "Large." I can see the dynamics of their family also becoming evident in mine. I know the chaos that others see is just the functioning's of everyday happenings... don't get me wrong, Chaos does ensue... even in families of 1 child... but order is quickly restored and parents would not have it any other way.
As I skim thru the thoughts of Chris Jeub, I can relate to many of his convictions and I agree with most of his points. I enjoy advice from large families, after all, large families understand each other as no other family does.
Family is the driving force of our existence in this world. We belong to a family. Our family, The family of God, a heavenly family, A church family. Life is about family. There is power in a family. I believe the downfalls of the world began with the downfall of family. Perhaps if we listened to God very closely, He will tell us what we need to know about family. He will guide us to scripture which talks about family and He will restore family.
I admire people like the Jeubs who go against the stream and followed Gods call on their life. They are seen as unconventional and strange. But really.... are they?
I pray I can extend my family, perhaps I will never have 15 but even if I did....

My New Motto...

Sounds good right?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Just For Fun...

Last week we gathered outside yet again to watch an evening storm blow in. I had run to Wal-mart with Molly and when we were strolling out to our car I noticed the black clouds and wind coming our way. We hopped in the car and headed home before it came to us. I called hubby and told him to get my storm chasers ready!
My neighborhood was filled with spectators sitting on the lawn watching the clouds roll in. As I pulled in the driveway I already saw my kids climbing our fence trying to get a better view. Groceries were thrown on the kitchen table and we all ran out to get the best view ( some were bottomless...hmmm)
Emma got out her camera and began their usual weather report...on location! (while trying to save our one corn stalk being tossed all around)
The rain came and we huddled inside. Pretty soon the excitement was over. But we have plenty of pictures and video memories. Right now my kids are plastered in front of the show "Storm Chasers." I truly passed my love of weather patterns onto my children. They are begging me to chase tornadoes. Sure, why not? I'll get right on that....

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Hiking We Will Go...

Yesterday we woke up bright and early and headed to the mountains to do some hiking with the kids. The weather was just beautiful! Very un-July like. The morning air had a crispness to it and the shade was just lovely. We took full advantage! A picnic was packed in the trunk and off we headed. The kids were so excited to see the state park.
The trail was a pretty easy one. A little over a mile around the lake. We started slow and will eventually work our way to more challenging trails. We explored trees and watched turtles sun bathe on rocks. We listened to the birds and enjoyed the nature that surrounded us.
Our appetites quickly grew and we settled in for some sandwiches and fruits and then headed to the playground. The day was awesome. We hope to hit another bigger mountain and bigger state park in 2 weeks. This one includes waterfalls we can swim in. =) How exciting. I can't wait!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Dog Days Of Summer

The dog days of summer are certainly here! Every day the heat makes us lazier and lazier. Afternoons are spent lounging around. We venture out in the mornings or evenings and then hurry in to shower off the humidity. Boy am I tired of that!!! ENOUGH! Im tired of hanging by the pool, tired of afternoon naps and tired of just doing nothing! So with that as the majority, we headed out to explore local hidden gems that we have not visited before. The kids begged not to go. "Moooom... why can't we just stay home and relax?"
Me:"Because if we don't get moving our muscles will atrophy from non use..."
We drove the back way which made the ride a bit more interesting for the kids, once we pulled in, I noticed a bit of perk in their eyes.
Wooded paths, nature trails and butterfly gardens soon took up our time. It truly was beautiful and peaceful and purely enjoyed. The kids had a great time exploring the woods and different flowers. It was also fun to point out the many flowers that we already had growing in our yard. It was a great place to get inspiration for my garden next year! We will definitely be going ack to do some more exploring. Nothing beats a day with nature.
Tomorrow we are off as a family to do some hiking in the mountains. Im so excited!!! I can't wait!

Southern Summer Storms

Today is Show and Tell at KELLI'S house! This picture was taken a few weeks ago and it is one of my favorites. My older daughters and I are avid weather watchers. Whenever a storm is rumored to be brewing near us, we head outside to watch and track. Our backyard is just perfect to see the storms in the distance. Sometimes we just sit and watch the rain fall down over another area of town and wait as it moves toward us.
This storm blew in fast and was nasty! One of the nastiest we have had since we moved here. Right after I snapped this with my cell phone, the winds became strong and heavy and the eerie sky warned us to take cover. Before long it was over the house, lawn furniture blew everywhere, hail came down and we all prayed it would not be a twister! Jason was rushing home and Hannah tried to hide her tears. Thankfully it passed as quick as it came. We slowly ventured out to survey the damage. Our backyard and porch was a mess!! The excitement was over.It was just another summer storm in the south!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Darling Molly's Birthday Day

Today was a great day in our little red house. Molly turned 5 years old and we celebrated.... EARLY! First wake up was at 5:30 when the covers were thrown off me and Molly asked me if it was time to party. This was just after I put Miss Muffet back to sleep from a nightmare about a cat scratching her (yes, she talks well) I "kindly" told Molly to bounce her booty back upstairs. 40 minutes later she was back, excited and eager. I couldn't resist. I stumbled out of bed and told Hubby to get up as well. We all had to be up early anyway for our morning at the movies.(thats a whole other blog)
Before the sun began to shine, more sleepy kids began trickling down the stairs. Her presents were opened and next thing I knew I was being run over by her big girl Razor scooter (pink!) She always borrows her big sisters and really wanted one of her own. SInce it was too early to go outside (aka no coffee ingested yet) I gave her full rein of the downstairs. She was zooming all over!
Chocolate chip pancakes (homemade) were on the menu followed by the days festivities....
Before long the day was coming to a close. Taco's were served, followed by the most delicious Vanilla Birthday cake. We sang silly songs for her and I told her special moments that we shared on the day she was born.
She received birthday wishes and balloons at church ( which caused massive fighting the WHOLE ride home)
The day was special and a success. Another birthday down. Next one... January 21st and trust me, the planning has already begun! Whew....
We LOVE YOU Miss Molly Jaye!!!!!!! xoxo Muah xoxo

* Hannah's attire was due to an end of the year "Little Womans" tea party at our church. She was dressed in her high tea best and had a GREAT time*

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Once It Was Lost But Now It's Found....

My faithful readers KNOW how I feel about my bible. I have BLOGGED about it before. Its my beloved black book I have had for over 20 years. Recently it went missing!! I was frantic. Never in my ownership have I lost that dear bible before (outside of my living quarters that is) SUnday night at about 11:30p.m. my frantic search began. I realized it really was GONE!! I was panic stricken. I ripped the house apart and even convinced hubby to leave the warmth of our bed to help me with the search.
I finally gave up and collapsed into bed. Where could it be? Where did I leave it? How could I ever replace it? My poor hubby was so patient as I rambled on and on... and on about how I could never shop for a new one. My old trusty bible was warn and loved and had just the right crinkle when I turned the page. I knew where all my favorite verses were just by location. I know the feeling of ever book in it. The pages were written in and noted on. I had beloved notes from friends, notes from service and pictures my kids drew me shoved in its side pockets. I had sonogram pictures of my beloved baby B. tucked away for me to look at when Im having intimate moments with God.
I knew I would have to spend all day in the Christian book store "testing" every bible on the shelf before I made that fateful purchase of replacement.
Today I went to my church. My last resort. I searched high and low. I went upstairs in the Family ministry center and turned the dark corner and their she was. Alone, in the dark, up against the wall. Without thinking I let out a loud squeal and ran toward her and hugged her ( im serious.) I could hardly contained my happiness. I quickly unzipped the case and flipped thru her pages... she was in my arms again.
I tried to explain to Emilie to please excuse my childish behavior but this bible means the world to me. We quickly swapped bible stories and I realized Im more normal than I thought. Their are "others" out their who adore their bible and can use no other. Now to convince my Mr. Im not as crazy as he thinks. =p

Monday, July 13, 2009

My Next Must Have...

Isn't this cashmere wrap just beautiful?? I laid eyes on it recently and knew it must be mine! This is next on my must have's list! This would go with a few of my little black dresses that all women have in their closet. Plus it also goes with a few summer sundresses I have. Hmmm, its never too early to start shopping for the work Christmas party is it?? After all a girl(this girl) has to look the fairest of them all =0!

Monday Ramblings...

Our Little Red House is in full party mode!! This wednesday #3 turns the big #5!! And in true GapGirl fashion we party in style! Bright and early this morning the gang headed towards our favorite party store and stocked up on all necessary supplies!!! Bubbles, Confetti poppers,hats,trick candles and table wear all were tossed into our cart. Noah and Molly ran thru the aisles staring at all the multi-colored surprises.
I also managed to toss in a box full of these really pretty pink party glasses I have been wanting for ages!! This week I am also hosting a Pampered Chef party. What a great way to celebrate our girl-hood then a pink and green theme food fiesta!! Im hunting down a great NON-alcoholic beverage to make to fill these pretty babies. I might even make my friends infamous "Kathleen Salad" to go along with my menu. My ideas are endless... even though my budget isn't=(
Anyway, needless to say our house is hopping!
We also have a church softball game this week, An Mpact girls tea party to dress for AND out of town company arriving next week. Whew... a girls work is never done!
I also have been breathlessly reading my newest book by Debi Pearl. How awesome it is! I also have been researching some of the negative comments by readers just so I could have a clearer view as to why this book is hated by some.
As I continued reading and sharing with hubby, I began to see why they reacted so negatively...NOT THAT I AGREE. I am very supportive of this book and plan on practicing lots of her advice but being an ex-feminist and an ex-"I demand my rights and certain treatment." I could understand why they were so up in arms. Unfortunately society has blinded so many... Christian women included! Worldly non biblical views have seeped into so many minds that many women of all religions have no clue how far from the truth they are.
I do believe first and foremost women were created to be mans help meet. Period. End of story. Read Genesis. Even the heathens know the story of dam and Eve. Its quite simple. Now, here comes the "big" question...
Well what about women who choose not to marry but are Christians...?

Hmm, thats a good one and speaking just on MY OPINION.... I believe Gods will for women first and foremost is to be a help meet for man. Somewhere along the way the plan was not fulfilled so of coarse God can make this new path of singleness great for His ultimate purpose and kingdom. After all God is great! But first and foremost I believe His ultimate will for women is to be a man's help-meet. If not the case, marriage would have fizzled out eons ago.....

Again, this is my opinion and my blog and my ramblings. Im not looking for a debate, argument, enlightenment or changing of my mind. If you know me at all im extremely stubborn and it takes an act of God to convince me otherwise ;) So please refrain from negative comments or posts. All will be deleted and NON will be entertained.

Anywho... Im off to eat some yummy leftover eggplant parm. It always tastes better the 2nd day!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today was a busy-filled and exciting day. Most won't agree, but if your anything like me then an old warehouse in the country FILLED from floor to ceiling with books of all sorts was the perfect way to start the weekend. This place is a place I have heard about many times and finally visited. Its old, dark and crammed with aisles of homeschooling books, History books,geography books,classics,bibles,learning tools and anything you would need to teach your children at home. Not just their ABC's but a whole way of life. Art,Classical music,poetry,homemaking,biblical womanhood,purity,handwriting,modesty,government,Christian living. You name it and they had it.
I was inspired all over again and clearly remembered why I had wanted to home school to begin with. I picked up a few books for purchase and walked toward the back of the dusty building towards the cash register. The kids enjoyed playing with the barn cat and I was wearing my new pink skirt=)!
On a back table hidden among Mozart cd's and Raising Domesticated Daughters was a hidden Jewel. A book so precious I could not believe my eyes. You can read about the book HERE. I can't find the newest cover to display on my blog, its much nicer than the old one but you get the picture. It is called "Created To Be His Help Meet" by Debi Pearl. Michael and Debi Pearl are Christian homeschool parents. Or were home school parents. All 5 kids are grown and married and in ministry... All serving God in their own way. They home schooled their kids before it was PC to do so, before curriculum was available for purchase and before legal defense was in place. I have always admired their free spirits and thinking. They were raised during the hippie era. You can tell. But most of all the love they have for their family and each other shines thru!
This book is very much like "Passionate Housewives Desperate For God." It squashes the femenist way of thinking and really glorifies the role of Biblical WOmanhood. As all "wife"books do, this book has created controversy as making women inferior. The lesser race. Of coarse, if you understood Biblical principles you would not feel this way. With all books I compare them with scripture and "pick out the meat and spit out the bones." SOme of its simply hard to hear and even harder to swallow!
God reveals to me MY personal message, so please, No need to debate.Im simply not interested.
I read the book the whole ride home and was hooked the moment I opened its crisp page. All current reads will be dropped until I read and re-read every letter of this book.
Im sure I will update you about my newest treasure along the way as I read. Let me know if you go get the book and if you do, how you like it as well.
We also got shiny new tires on our big black van today (along with jug-o-lysol,brown sugar as far as the eye can see and a case of soap!) Gotta love Costco!
Im off to read and cook Enchiladas for dinner. Ole!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Ode To A Shopping Day...


Shopping day. A term defined by my husband as a day I go out and re-stock the pantry and fridge with bountiful foods to fill our belly. Shopping: (defined by GapGirl) A day to buy foods and clothes and house decor and shoes and anything else I can squeeze in without him turning purple. B-U-T always make sure food comes home too.
That pretty much defines today. I had a few coupons that were just too good to pass up at my local department store so I happily hopped on in and fell in love with just a few must haves. The dress was actually purchased in purple! Not usually my color but I dare to be different. My wardrobe is slowly returning back to the size it should be!! Can't wait to wear them all!
On another note, I scored some great deals at the grocery stores as well. The picture above is just a portion of what I bought and won't get me thru 2 weeks. I added to that this evening with a trip to my friendly grocery store and added to the stock. I will need at least:

5-6 more loaves of bread
4 more gallons of milk
3 more 1/2 gallons of Lactaid
2 more lbs of pasta
4 more dozen eggs
3 more boxes of cereal
several more lbs of some kind of dinner meat
Hot diggity dogs
1 pack diapers
1 pack baby wipes
1 pack toilet paper
1 pack of bar soap
2 hand soaps for bathrooms
2 rolls paper towels
Lysol to clean the bathrooms...
whipped cream for indulgence=)
re-stock our ice cream (dangerously low)
Chocolate syrup (for the ice cream duh!)
Hmm, I can't remember what else, but it will come to me. Whew, thats a lot to remember. I need to write that down along with :

Molly's birthday gift...
Party plates etc...

Tomorrow our shopping will continue bright and early. Whoo-Hoo....
Gotta love shopping day!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


One more day till Emma comes home!!!!! (but who is counting)

I Weigh What???

Weight has never been an issue with me. Quite truthfully I have always been pretty thin. As a young bride I weighed exactly 100 lbs soaking wet. I wore a size 0, was always tan and looking like I just stepped out of a magazine (yes, I was young and I can brag.)
My biggest dilemma was which outfit to choose, how to style my hair and Jason became my personal stylist. He would sit on our bed as I endlessly tried on my very expansive wardrobe. "Which outfit looks best on me babe...?" was the key question.
Two kids later and my figure was still the envy of many. My weight remained a constant 116.5. I may have had a bit of belly around the middle (which I forever complained about...if I only knew) but I was back in my old clothes, adding to my collection and enjoying life. I weighed a bit more than I did on my wedding day but it was still way below most. For 5 years nothing changed and then more babies came...1, 2 and 3... then followed by endless pregnancies.
Now my scale is my enemy. I have hit the "30's" and you know what they say... once your in your thirties it doesn't come off....
Along with my obsession with leopard, I have also over-indulged in late night quesadilla's,chicken rolls, sour cream and all things greasy. NO NO NO!!! What is wrong with me?? I no longer enjoy getting on my scale. My hour long fashion shows for hubby have now turned into...
"Babe, does this fit me? Can you see my muffin top? If I suck in real deep do you think YOU can zip it for me??"
Things must change, the weight must come off and my middle must be gone!
I will not reveal the big numbers my scale insists on reading back to me but I will tell you this, from this moment forward I will resist the urge for cheesy mexican goodness. I will swear off brownies (gulp) and turn away Happy pie pizza's delivered right to my door...(sob sob)
Gapboy will be dragged with me as I walk and run this body around my neighborhood. I will return, slim and trim with a body my former self will be proud of. Its on!!!
But you know how this goes... the moment I lose it all, is the moment that little plus sign appears on the stick. Some things will never change sigh....
What's Your THINspiration???

Who Ever Said Change Is Good????

As I was outside tending to my sweet roses, my sister-in-law pointed out..."Hey Gapgirl..they sold the lot next to your house."
I nearly dropped my pruning shears. Much to my dismay, as I lifted my head, I saw the dreaded SOLD sign. It was sticking out like a sore thumb. I quickly stood in the street and stared at the lot that was now taken. Megan and Gapboy joined me....

Me: "When did this happen??"

Gapboy: "Wow, their going to start building soon..."

Me: "But why did they choose THIS lot... right next to my house??? Why not another lot, we have plenty... why HERE."

Before long a small crowd of neighbors came out to see what all the hoop-la was about. We all just stared in dis-belief. The peace and quiet of our Court was now going to be smashed to bits by strangers,lumber and banging. New people will be moving in and invading our territory.
A year ago I would have been elated at the news. Our subdivision is only half finished and was left abandoned by the builders. The economy was droopy and the lots became overgrown. Many worried about house value, neighborhood safety and if any contractor would want to come back and love us again. During these times we began to get used to the silence. The kids had free roam of all the extra land. Forts were built, backyards became bigger and neighbors became closer.
My court especially. I tend to brag that we have the best neighbors in the whole neighborhood. (and the best block) We are in the back and forgotten by most, but we often have the best times. Our kids are watched by everyone thru their windows,kids run and play freely,new babies are welcomed and evening chats on the sidewalk are not uncommon....
But pretty soon our little warm world will be shaken once again. Am I exaggerating?? Of coarse. We all know Gapgirl DOES NOT LIKE CHANGE. And we all know change is constant. Im not welcoming of the noise. Kids will remain inside and behind our gates until the strangers and their big trucks leave. In a few months from now new people will happily stroll next to my little red house pretending they own the place...(ok, they actually will...) I will send the neighborhood kids out to get the "scoop" on them and then let the information process. New people to include in the Easter Egg hunt, new people to wave to when Im pruning my butterfly bush and perhaps new people to invite to my big harvest party.
But of coarse, even though I can't handle change, I will slip a welcome card in their mailbox and introduce myself. I will smile and try to make friends. We will see how that goes. I just have 2 things to say...
They better have kids and they better be nice ;)
Hee hee


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