Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Ramblings...

Our Little Red House is in full party mode!! This wednesday #3 turns the big #5!! And in true GapGirl fashion we party in style! Bright and early this morning the gang headed towards our favorite party store and stocked up on all necessary supplies!!! Bubbles, Confetti poppers,hats,trick candles and table wear all were tossed into our cart. Noah and Molly ran thru the aisles staring at all the multi-colored surprises.
I also managed to toss in a box full of these really pretty pink party glasses I have been wanting for ages!! This week I am also hosting a Pampered Chef party. What a great way to celebrate our girl-hood then a pink and green theme food fiesta!! Im hunting down a great NON-alcoholic beverage to make to fill these pretty babies. I might even make my friends infamous "Kathleen Salad" to go along with my menu. My ideas are endless... even though my budget isn't=(
Anyway, needless to say our house is hopping!
We also have a church softball game this week, An Mpact girls tea party to dress for AND out of town company arriving next week. Whew... a girls work is never done!
I also have been breathlessly reading my newest book by Debi Pearl. How awesome it is! I also have been researching some of the negative comments by readers just so I could have a clearer view as to why this book is hated by some.
As I continued reading and sharing with hubby, I began to see why they reacted so negatively...NOT THAT I AGREE. I am very supportive of this book and plan on practicing lots of her advice but being an ex-feminist and an ex-"I demand my rights and certain treatment." I could understand why they were so up in arms. Unfortunately society has blinded so many... Christian women included! Worldly non biblical views have seeped into so many minds that many women of all religions have no clue how far from the truth they are.
I do believe first and foremost women were created to be mans help meet. Period. End of story. Read Genesis. Even the heathens know the story of dam and Eve. Its quite simple. Now, here comes the "big" question...
Well what about women who choose not to marry but are Christians...?

Hmm, thats a good one and speaking just on MY OPINION.... I believe Gods will for women first and foremost is to be a help meet for man. Somewhere along the way the plan was not fulfilled so of coarse God can make this new path of singleness great for His ultimate purpose and kingdom. After all God is great! But first and foremost I believe His ultimate will for women is to be a man's help-meet. If not the case, marriage would have fizzled out eons ago.....

Again, this is my opinion and my blog and my ramblings. Im not looking for a debate, argument, enlightenment or changing of my mind. If you know me at all im extremely stubborn and it takes an act of God to convince me otherwise ;) So please refrain from negative comments or posts. All will be deleted and NON will be entertained.

Anywho... Im off to eat some yummy leftover eggplant parm. It always tastes better the 2nd day!

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  1. Dying to see the party & Happy Birthday baby. TTFN ~ Marydon



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