Thursday, July 9, 2009

Who Ever Said Change Is Good????

As I was outside tending to my sweet roses, my sister-in-law pointed out..."Hey Gapgirl..they sold the lot next to your house."
I nearly dropped my pruning shears. Much to my dismay, as I lifted my head, I saw the dreaded SOLD sign. It was sticking out like a sore thumb. I quickly stood in the street and stared at the lot that was now taken. Megan and Gapboy joined me....

Me: "When did this happen??"

Gapboy: "Wow, their going to start building soon..."

Me: "But why did they choose THIS lot... right next to my house??? Why not another lot, we have plenty... why HERE."

Before long a small crowd of neighbors came out to see what all the hoop-la was about. We all just stared in dis-belief. The peace and quiet of our Court was now going to be smashed to bits by strangers,lumber and banging. New people will be moving in and invading our territory.
A year ago I would have been elated at the news. Our subdivision is only half finished and was left abandoned by the builders. The economy was droopy and the lots became overgrown. Many worried about house value, neighborhood safety and if any contractor would want to come back and love us again. During these times we began to get used to the silence. The kids had free roam of all the extra land. Forts were built, backyards became bigger and neighbors became closer.
My court especially. I tend to brag that we have the best neighbors in the whole neighborhood. (and the best block) We are in the back and forgotten by most, but we often have the best times. Our kids are watched by everyone thru their windows,kids run and play freely,new babies are welcomed and evening chats on the sidewalk are not uncommon....
But pretty soon our little warm world will be shaken once again. Am I exaggerating?? Of coarse. We all know Gapgirl DOES NOT LIKE CHANGE. And we all know change is constant. Im not welcoming of the noise. Kids will remain inside and behind our gates until the strangers and their big trucks leave. In a few months from now new people will happily stroll next to my little red house pretending they own the place...(ok, they actually will...) I will send the neighborhood kids out to get the "scoop" on them and then let the information process. New people to include in the Easter Egg hunt, new people to wave to when Im pruning my butterfly bush and perhaps new people to invite to my big harvest party.
But of coarse, even though I can't handle change, I will slip a welcome card in their mailbox and introduce myself. I will smile and try to make friends. We will see how that goes. I just have 2 things to say...
They better have kids and they better be nice ;)
Hee hee

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  1. oh dear! you better BLOG your heart out when it starts! sorry to ruin the day with my observation!! xoxo



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