Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Today was a great day in our little red house. Molly turned 5 years old and we celebrated.... EARLY! First wake up was at 5:30 when the covers were thrown off me and Molly asked me if it was time to party. This was just after I put Miss Muffet back to sleep from a nightmare about a cat scratching her (yes, she talks well) I "kindly" told Molly to bounce her booty back upstairs. 40 minutes later she was back, excited and eager. I couldn't resist. I stumbled out of bed and told Hubby to get up as well. We all had to be up early anyway for our morning at the movies.(thats a whole other blog)
Before the sun began to shine, more sleepy kids began trickling down the stairs. Her presents were opened and next thing I knew I was being run over by her big girl Razor scooter (pink!) She always borrows her big sisters and really wanted one of her own. SInce it was too early to go outside (aka no coffee ingested yet) I gave her full rein of the downstairs. She was zooming all over!
Chocolate chip pancakes (homemade) were on the menu followed by the days festivities....
Before long the day was coming to a close. Taco's were served, followed by the most delicious Vanilla Birthday cake. We sang silly songs for her and I told her special moments that we shared on the day she was born.
She received birthday wishes and balloons at church ( which caused massive fighting the WHOLE ride home)
The day was special and a success. Another birthday down. Next one... January 21st and trust me, the planning has already begun! Whew....
We LOVE YOU Miss Molly Jaye!!!!!!! xoxo Muah xoxo

* Hannah's attire was due to an end of the year "Little Womans" tea party at our church. She was dressed in her high tea best and had a GREAT time*

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