Friday, July 10, 2009

Ode To A Shopping Day...


Shopping day. A term defined by my husband as a day I go out and re-stock the pantry and fridge with bountiful foods to fill our belly. Shopping: (defined by GapGirl) A day to buy foods and clothes and house decor and shoes and anything else I can squeeze in without him turning purple. B-U-T always make sure food comes home too.
That pretty much defines today. I had a few coupons that were just too good to pass up at my local department store so I happily hopped on in and fell in love with just a few must haves. The dress was actually purchased in purple! Not usually my color but I dare to be different. My wardrobe is slowly returning back to the size it should be!! Can't wait to wear them all!
On another note, I scored some great deals at the grocery stores as well. The picture above is just a portion of what I bought and won't get me thru 2 weeks. I added to that this evening with a trip to my friendly grocery store and added to the stock. I will need at least:

5-6 more loaves of bread
4 more gallons of milk
3 more 1/2 gallons of Lactaid
2 more lbs of pasta
4 more dozen eggs
3 more boxes of cereal
several more lbs of some kind of dinner meat
Hot diggity dogs
1 pack diapers
1 pack baby wipes
1 pack toilet paper
1 pack of bar soap
2 hand soaps for bathrooms
2 rolls paper towels
Lysol to clean the bathrooms...
whipped cream for indulgence=)
re-stock our ice cream (dangerously low)
Chocolate syrup (for the ice cream duh!)
Hmm, I can't remember what else, but it will come to me. Whew, thats a lot to remember. I need to write that down along with :

Molly's birthday gift...
Party plates etc...

Tomorrow our shopping will continue bright and early. Whoo-Hoo....
Gotta love shopping day!

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  1. Yay! I always love to see what you buy! It never ceases to amaze me. I love it because of course I never paid attention back in the day, so it makes me think about what it was like for my parents feeding seven kids ~ Four boys non the less. I do remember we ate a lot of cereal. :) Thanks for sharing!



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