Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today was a busy-filled and exciting day. Most won't agree, but if your anything like me then an old warehouse in the country FILLED from floor to ceiling with books of all sorts was the perfect way to start the weekend. This place is a place I have heard about many times and finally visited. Its old, dark and crammed with aisles of homeschooling books, History books,geography books,classics,bibles,learning tools and anything you would need to teach your children at home. Not just their ABC's but a whole way of life. Art,Classical music,poetry,homemaking,biblical womanhood,purity,handwriting,modesty,government,Christian living. You name it and they had it.
I was inspired all over again and clearly remembered why I had wanted to home school to begin with. I picked up a few books for purchase and walked toward the back of the dusty building towards the cash register. The kids enjoyed playing with the barn cat and I was wearing my new pink skirt=)!
On a back table hidden among Mozart cd's and Raising Domesticated Daughters was a hidden Jewel. A book so precious I could not believe my eyes. You can read about the book HERE. I can't find the newest cover to display on my blog, its much nicer than the old one but you get the picture. It is called "Created To Be His Help Meet" by Debi Pearl. Michael and Debi Pearl are Christian homeschool parents. Or were home school parents. All 5 kids are grown and married and in ministry... All serving God in their own way. They home schooled their kids before it was PC to do so, before curriculum was available for purchase and before legal defense was in place. I have always admired their free spirits and thinking. They were raised during the hippie era. You can tell. But most of all the love they have for their family and each other shines thru!
This book is very much like "Passionate Housewives Desperate For God." It squashes the femenist way of thinking and really glorifies the role of Biblical WOmanhood. As all "wife"books do, this book has created controversy as making women inferior. The lesser race. Of coarse, if you understood Biblical principles you would not feel this way. With all books I compare them with scripture and "pick out the meat and spit out the bones." SOme of its simply hard to hear and even harder to swallow!
God reveals to me MY personal message, so please, No need to debate.Im simply not interested.
I read the book the whole ride home and was hooked the moment I opened its crisp page. All current reads will be dropped until I read and re-read every letter of this book.
Im sure I will update you about my newest treasure along the way as I read. Let me know if you go get the book and if you do, how you like it as well.
We also got shiny new tires on our big black van today (along with jug-o-lysol,brown sugar as far as the eye can see and a case of soap!) Gotta love Costco!
Im off to read and cook Enchiladas for dinner. Ole!


  1. HI there!!Thanks for visiting! Well, just looked at your blog and saw
    a) loads of BOOKS
    b) loads of groceries!!

    I think its a sign, ill follow now, be back to read more later, 7 kids here today (my 5 + 2 extra) its CRAZYTIME,lol

  2. Hi! I found you through mummyof5monsters-I have 5 kids also! Looks like a great shopping day. I know how that feels! I read that you homeschool and I think that's wonderful-I wish I were that brave!! I suppose I'll just have to follow so I can come back and visit again to see what else we have (or don't have :) in common!



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