Monday, July 6, 2009

And Then There Were 6.....

Bright and early I dropped my Emma off to be driven up to Jr. High Youth Camp. She was sooo excited and nervous about her week away in the mountains!. She has left home before but never with this group of kids. I could not ask for better. She has an amazing circle of friends to socialize with there including half her drama team!
Yesterday I carefully (over)packed her suitcase with everything cute and pink and ...sigh.. practical along with PLENTY of lotion,bugspray,band-aides and first aid supplies. I made her repeat 1000 times an hour that she WILL shower AND brush her teeth while she is gone. Calling home was optional (no pressure) and please bring home anything NOT covered in bodily fluids. (eww). She did call me already telling me how she zip-lined into the lake and needs to watch out for scorpions (OMG) .
I grew up going to Camp and know what an awesome encounter with God she will experience, She will make memories that last a lifetime, be filled with Gods Holy presence, learn to hear His voice and make friends for years! Im so excited for her but can deeply feel her absence in our Little Red House. No matter how many kids you have, how busy your house is, you just KNOW someone special is gone. Her seat screamed her loss at dinner and we all are counting the hours till we pick her up and bombard her with hugs and kisses. Then its off to our house to CLEAN,WASH,LAUNDER and RE-FLUFF my little Miss GapGirl...

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  1. Oh, how sweet. She'll have a blast. TTFN ~Marydon



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