Friday, July 31, 2009

Back In The Saddle Again

I have to be honest. I fell off the wagon again! Between company coming to visit and late night indulgences, my pretty leopard print scale has not gone down. Im saddened and truly blame myself. The only thing I lost is motivation!! But ALAS... motivation is back and Im full steam ahead. My next house guests do not arrive until the 16th of August...plenty of time to establish a routine and new habit. I have already begun my walking a few days ago and as of today will cut out as much unnecessary "junk" from my diet.
To refresh your memories... my very attainable goal is 7 lbs... but a bonus would be 10 lbs!! Oh how lovely! 10 lbs would also put me at a good weight that all new clothes will be a must... even MORE motivation.
I am making a lifestyle change more than a diet. Diet is such an ugly word and most people fail miserably after time and end up gaining it back. My lifestyle change will not only affect my weight, but my health, my stamina and will improve the quality of life for everyone. The whole family will get involved and we can all be happier and healthier and mommy will be skinnier=).
My one guilty pleasure... late night mexican goodness binge will have to be STOPPED. This is where self control and prayer must be learned. Sigh... oh but that cheesy goodness is so yummy.... Perhaps just a few? ;)

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  1. I love the words lifestyle change!!! I have been on a lifestyle change for 45 of my 51 years.



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