Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Once It Was Lost But Now It's Found....

My faithful readers KNOW how I feel about my bible. I have BLOGGED about it before. Its my beloved black book I have had for over 20 years. Recently it went missing!! I was frantic. Never in my ownership have I lost that dear bible before (outside of my living quarters that is) SUnday night at about 11:30p.m. my frantic search began. I realized it really was GONE!! I was panic stricken. I ripped the house apart and even convinced hubby to leave the warmth of our bed to help me with the search.
I finally gave up and collapsed into bed. Where could it be? Where did I leave it? How could I ever replace it? My poor hubby was so patient as I rambled on and on... and on about how I could never shop for a new one. My old trusty bible was warn and loved and had just the right crinkle when I turned the page. I knew where all my favorite verses were just by location. I know the feeling of ever book in it. The pages were written in and noted on. I had beloved notes from friends, notes from service and pictures my kids drew me shoved in its side pockets. I had sonogram pictures of my beloved baby B. tucked away for me to look at when Im having intimate moments with God.
I knew I would have to spend all day in the Christian book store "testing" every bible on the shelf before I made that fateful purchase of replacement.
Today I went to my church. My last resort. I searched high and low. I went upstairs in the Family ministry center and turned the dark corner and their she was. Alone, in the dark, up against the wall. Without thinking I let out a loud squeal and ran toward her and hugged her ( im serious.) I could hardly contained my happiness. I quickly unzipped the case and flipped thru her pages... she was in my arms again.
I tried to explain to Emilie to please excuse my childish behavior but this bible means the world to me. We quickly swapped bible stories and I realized Im more normal than I thought. Their are "others" out their who adore their bible and can use no other. Now to convince my Mr. Im not as crazy as he thinks. =p

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