Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Weigh What???

Weight has never been an issue with me. Quite truthfully I have always been pretty thin. As a young bride I weighed exactly 100 lbs soaking wet. I wore a size 0, was always tan and looking like I just stepped out of a magazine (yes, I was young and I can brag.)
My biggest dilemma was which outfit to choose, how to style my hair and Jason became my personal stylist. He would sit on our bed as I endlessly tried on my very expansive wardrobe. "Which outfit looks best on me babe...?" was the key question.
Two kids later and my figure was still the envy of many. My weight remained a constant 116.5. I may have had a bit of belly around the middle (which I forever complained about...if I only knew) but I was back in my old clothes, adding to my collection and enjoying life. I weighed a bit more than I did on my wedding day but it was still way below most. For 5 years nothing changed and then more babies came...1, 2 and 3... then followed by endless pregnancies.
Now my scale is my enemy. I have hit the "30's" and you know what they say... once your in your thirties it doesn't come off....
Along with my obsession with leopard, I have also over-indulged in late night quesadilla's,chicken rolls, sour cream and all things greasy. NO NO NO!!! What is wrong with me?? I no longer enjoy getting on my scale. My hour long fashion shows for hubby have now turned into...
"Babe, does this fit me? Can you see my muffin top? If I suck in real deep do you think YOU can zip it for me??"
Things must change, the weight must come off and my middle must be gone!
I will not reveal the big numbers my scale insists on reading back to me but I will tell you this, from this moment forward I will resist the urge for cheesy mexican goodness. I will swear off brownies (gulp) and turn away Happy pie pizza's delivered right to my door...(sob sob)
Gapboy will be dragged with me as I walk and run this body around my neighborhood. I will return, slim and trim with a body my former self will be proud of. Its on!!!
But you know how this goes... the moment I lose it all, is the moment that little plus sign appears on the stick. Some things will never change sigh....
What's Your THINspiration???


  1. Well, I say you look pretty darn good to me, my dear. Take this as a picture ... I used to be a size 10, tall, lanky ... oh, sure, you gain a little here & there, you fight the constant battle running up & down the scale ... BUT ... one day I let out a real 'scream' when I saw my nakedness in a full length mirror. Oh, what age has done to it ... chuckle!

    Best of luck & lots of cottage cheese & fresh fruits/veggies worked for my Mother. She lost 150# in 9 months.

    Hugs, TTFN ~Marydon

  2. I just spent 8 days with you and have no idea what your talking about. with 5 crazy kids running about you always looked fresh out of a magazine. you loca my love! xoxo

  3. Ha! I love and me are in the exact same boat! Literally. Thanks for being so brave to talk about what I am currently squeezing into my "shaper". I weigh 128 if I didn't gorge the night before, get up, pee and pray as I step onto the scale. Now I have someone to commiserate with about my 15 pounds that will hang on for dear life!



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