Friday, July 17, 2009

The dog days of summer are certainly here! Every day the heat makes us lazier and lazier. Afternoons are spent lounging around. We venture out in the mornings or evenings and then hurry in to shower off the humidity. Boy am I tired of that!!! ENOUGH! Im tired of hanging by the pool, tired of afternoon naps and tired of just doing nothing! So with that as the majority, we headed out to explore local hidden gems that we have not visited before. The kids begged not to go. "Moooom... why can't we just stay home and relax?"
Me:"Because if we don't get moving our muscles will atrophy from non use..."
We drove the back way which made the ride a bit more interesting for the kids, once we pulled in, I noticed a bit of perk in their eyes.
Wooded paths, nature trails and butterfly gardens soon took up our time. It truly was beautiful and peaceful and purely enjoyed. The kids had a great time exploring the woods and different flowers. It was also fun to point out the many flowers that we already had growing in our yard. It was a great place to get inspiration for my garden next year! We will definitely be going ack to do some more exploring. Nothing beats a day with nature.
Tomorrow we are off as a family to do some hiking in the mountains. Im so excited!!! I can't wait!


  1. Isn't it funny. I would love to have pool to hang out by...but we have a beach (not such a beach person myself). The kids love the beach way more then Mommy.

  2. I do think your children get moreand more amazing every day. it must be that crazy aunt they have. xoxo



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