Friday, October 29, 2010

So Whats Going On???

So, whats going on in our Little Red House besides enjoying our newest tiny family member??

A LOT!!!!

Even though I promised myself to take it easy, dull moments are hard to come by. Here is just a quick overview of things that occurred during my self-proclaimed baby-moon.

1) My 2 oldest had lots of drama practice for their big compel night coming up. Shuffling them back and forth to practices were not on my #1 top spot but they are committed and I fully support this ministry!

2) My Abby-girl got bit by some type of bug which made her leg swell up and get infected. Off to the dr we went where she is on meds. and steroid cream. Thank God we caught it in time. By the next day it was swollen and purple... but the antibiotics got it under control quick.

3) I have some type of pinched nerve/pulled muscle in my neck which causes lots of pain which also causes me to be on tylenol/ advil a lot. Im praying it goes away. Its been almost 2 weeks. UGH!

4) Our church is casting parts for the Christmas play. I was asked to be Mary and I accepted. Hubby was going to be Joseph but due to a heavy work schedule and full school schedule, he had to decline. So, I will still be Mary and Penny might be Jesus!! My kids will also be on stage as possible background shepherds, travelers and kids. Best thing about my part is NO SPEAKING!!. I can just hide behind my costume and hold my baby =)

5) I received delicious meals from neighbors and church families!!! I also was able to get session 6 from my Daniel bible study that I missed. It was AWESOME and I have been catching up on my homework. This study has been truly life changing and amazing. I can't even begin to put into words how this study has impacted my prayer life and faith. I pray it never leaves me. I also pray I can retain this information. My mommy brain is in FULL FORCE!

6) In a couple of weeks our Little Red House will begin to be flooded with visitors starting with my Sissy-Cindy-Lu and followed by everyone else. It will be nice to start the holiday season with those I love.

7) My awesome cousin made a short documentary on our family. It came out sooo good. Still not sure if Im posting it for the world to see as it might be too public. Ya know? Gotta protect the fam some bit.

8) For the first time EVER... my baby weight melted off. I have only 5 lbs left to lose. Its a miracle... my tummy needs to go down more but after 6 kids... I don't expect miracles from it. HA! But since my last pregnancy which was only 14 weeks left me with 8 extra lbs, I still have more to lose. but at least the weight from this pregnancy won't be piled high. Hopefully that old weight will magically fall off too???? POOF!

I think thats it... besides our every day chaos. Almost have the groove down....

Today we resume our bi-weekly crazy shopping day with Miss P in tow... should be F-U-N!!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

For Those Of You Who Think They Know....

Comments are often made to me on how easy I have babies. How effortlessly I make it look. So, even though I looovvee bringing my new bundle home. I still go thru all the normal phases everyone else does. I never ever want to make it seem like I am perfect and don't have "those days..." or "Those weeks".... so, along with all those happy days that a new baby brings and along with all the joy and thankfulness I felt in holding my precious Penelope... I also:

1) Was a little shell shocked my first day home from the hospital ( as I am with all my new babies) I had a hard time processing the chaos our arrival brought and wanted to go back to the hospital where it was just me and her and no responsibility. I was finally glad to be home at around 10 pm that night when I slipped my sore and tired body underneath the covers of my super comfy bed.

2) The first few days I hid in the bathroom many times and cried. I cried because I loved everyone so much, I cried because I was scared my post pardum would come back, I cried because I felt bad Abigail was no longer the baby and I cried simply because I could.... ( can you say hormonal??)

3) After about 1 week I was still super sore. It hurt getting up from a sitting position, walking around and just being still. My uterus felt like it was beat up by a sumo wrestler and I feared it would just fall out. ( Hey, Im still working on my fears ok?? Stop judging) It hurt more then than it did right after delivery.

4) The first week home was rough. Every time I came into the room holding Sweet P. I was instantly surrounded by a sea of hands wanting to touch, hold, be right up in her face and kiss her. My instinctive mama bear protectiveness came out and found it hard to allow my other children to touch and crowd her. It was a struggle for days. Prayerfully I found a balance.

Im still taking things slow... or at least trying to with 6 kids. Im allowing for plenty of wiggle room and holding off on any commitments that might not give me the freedom I need right now. So, even though I may seem to handle 6 kids with ease, it took me a bit to get there... trial, error, tears, emotions and all the other normal things every other woman goes thru when they have a baby.

But its worth everything. Nothing compares to laying on the couch and smelling her sweet heavenly scent.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Am I Milking It???

Its been almost 2 weeks since I was admitted into the hospital . What went from my last OB appointment, turned into a hospital admission, mass texting for prayer and lots of wait-and-see.

For the last 3 OB visits I have been complaining that Sweet P. Hasn't been moving like she used to. I was put on non-stress tests and sent home with a passing grade.

3:30 p.m On October 12th, I saw my Dr one last time and as usual mentioned my concern AND passing NST. He sent me to ultrasound for a bio-physical profile. I wasn't concerned at this point. I had 2 of my kids with me and was excited that I would get to see her one last time before my induction date.

4:15 p.m I chatted it up with the sono tech as my kids colored. Halfway thru the test I noticed how her eyes never left the screen and began to ask questions. Sweet P. was failing her movement timed test and her breathing patterns. Thats when the panic set in. I began texting my hubby who was at home with the other children. I was getting flashbacks. Almost 2 years to the day I sat in the ultrasound room texting my husband telling him to pray... They couldn't find the baby's heartbeat. I felt like I was living that all over again. I just remember telling God how I couldn't lose her... not this far along.... not this close. I would NOT lose her.

4:55 p.m After 30 minutes, the sono was over. She failed. The tech assured me she was fine but I most likely would have to go into the hospital for more testing JUST as a precaution. I didn't know what to do. I had kids with me and the nurse kindly said I should NOT go home but proceed straight to the hospital. I tried my best to suck it up and assure my children that everything was fine and dandy and we were off to the hospital just to check some things out.

5:40 p.m Long story short, Hubby and my Aunt met me in the parking lot and my aunt took the kids and we proceeded up to Labor and delivery triage. I filled him in on our way up and realized that if they had to take the baby tonight, I had nothing. No bags, no camera.... nothing.

We sat in the room and were hooked up to monitors. Hubby DID have his laptop and we facebooked and texted and filled family in. Sweet Penelope seemed to be fine on the monitors or so I thought.

7:30 p.m Finally, my dr. decided to admit me. Miss P's heartrate was not stable. During my light contractions her heart rate would decline. When I wasn't in labor, her heartrate was really high.... I wasn't in full labor but I knew I would be shortly. Unfortunately my dr. thought otherwise.

9:00 p.m Induction was put on hold. Penelope needed to be stabilized before they tried anything. I was moved to a labor and delivery room, hooked up to iv's, monitors and meds and was told to relax till morning. They offered me a sleeping pill to help me rest for whatever the morning held. I declined. My contractions were light but coming steady every 7-10 minutes. My gut told me Miss Pretty Penny would not wait.

We hung out, we relaxed and watched tv. We even skyped the grandparents and chatted it up.

Finally we dozed off.

1:30 a.m. I was awoken by a contraction. They were getting uncomfortable. Not painful but a lot of pressure...

2:10 a.m I was in the middle of a usual contraction when the pain went from uncomfortable to OH MY GOSH IM IN PAAIINN.... literally that fast I went into active labor. In one hour I dilated from 3-5 and my dr was notified. It was official... no matter what was going on with Miss Penny... she was coming out!

3:10 a.m. I caved and got the grand epidural. At that point I took the risks and said who cares. God was good and it went in effortlessly and almost.... almost painlessly.

My dr. broke my water which made me go from 5 to 7 in about 30 seconds (im serious... maybe even 15 seconds...) There was meconium present and again, I began to worry, I knew something was going on and she needed to come out.

5:11 A.m. My sweet girl entered the world during 1 contraction and 4 pushes. Quick and controlled. She came out beautiful and perfect and oh so teeny tiny.

I was worried because she didn't cry like she should have but the drs assured me she was fine.

During her first few hours of life she was seen by the pediatrician and the nicu nurse. Both of them said that she did not look like a baby who failed all of her tests and was under such distress. Not a trace of complications were shown. Nothing... nada... zero... zip... Even my Dr was impressed....

God showed himself over every single aspect of this unexpected delivery. He answered my prayers just like I begged Him too. HE took CONTROL. He called the shots better than I ever could and once again He proved himself FAITHFUL!!!

Why do we (ME) ever worry?

Why do we (ME) ever doubt?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Im On A BabyMoon.... Be Back Soon...



BORN 10/13/10 5:11A.M.


I had grand plans on blogging and vlogging from the hospital bed but of course, I get the ONE room that is a WIFI DEADSPOT!! So I was without internet for 3 days.

I survived though and enjoyed every second that Penelope and I had together. I am continuing my babymoon for a bit more. I just came home from the hospital on friday and was admitted on tuesday. Sweet P. was under some distress and I had to be monitored and she had to be stabilized for a while... then I suddenly went into labor early wednesday morning.

But God is soooo good and took care of all my fears and worries... (as usual). I will write you the whole story soon, I PROMISE!

Right now im in love. After almost 3 years of heartache, tears, pregnancy and baby losses, I finally got to hold my precious baby girl in my arms. I smelled her sweet scent. I kissed her soft skin and have not stopped thanking God for blessing me with the ultimate gift He could EVER give.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Priorities... Its All About Priorities...

No baby yet...

Just thought I would clear the air right away for all those that are wondering and waiting for some good news. I went to the Dr. yesterday and Im only 2 cm??!! What the hay? Its my 6th, I should be at least near 4 by now?? Sigh... oh well. Only God knows why. Im hoping its because he is waiting for our new laptop to arrive in the mail first so we can take it to the hospital. Hey, I have my priorities ;0.

I think we are the only ones on the planet without a laptop but that will change soon. Hubby ordered his new Mac powerbook pro... ( I think thats the name). Its for his school mostly but you all know I will have my little sticky fingers all over that whenever I can. Ha! He did say he would, W-O-U-L-D get me my very own laptop with tax money...

RIGHT HONEY??... You DO remember saying that???

I don't need a fancy one. Just a simple cheesy Dell would do. I see them for $300 or so. But a nice color is a must. Im thinking green!

With so many people in the house and a very uncomfortable computer area, I figure I will let the kids use the one PC and the one MAC for their school and internet stuff. Hubby will be plastered to his powerbook pro for a while and I can escape to my cozy bedroom with my green Dell (with Sweet P. of course) and blog away...

Anyway, We need this other laptop to arrive before baby does so we can keep family members updated. We have SO MANY wonderful family that live out of state that will be waiting for pictures and news and updates so we are praying it comes SOON!

I went to the Dr yesterday and to my sad sad disappointment, Im only 2 measly, teeny tiny Cm. It was very upsetting but the Dr did say that if I don't change by tuesday I will be admitted the night before my induction to ease things along a bit gentler. I had mixed feelings about that. The only negative is my kids, my leaving my sweet kids for another day... but other than that I gave her the thumbs up. Jason would stay the night and it would be a "date night..." HA HA HA! He could bring up take-out, we can eat and hang. Party on the 4th floor. You doubt me? Ha.... then you have no idea....

Hey, don't judge k.... its the little things people...

I could knit and we could watch tv and hang until the next morning when they actually do start my induction.

I still have not packed my hospital bag. I have no motivation to do so??? I know it has to be done but I just don't feel like it.... what is wrong with me...

But I will be leaving soon to go buy some cute pajamas for the hospital. Gotta look semi-decent if people come to visit right?

Hey, its all about priorities... but im 9 months pregnant.... I never said they were the right ones...

I think I need to re-watch some "Daniel" dvd's...

Pray for me =p

Xoxo GapGirl

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Im Back...

And still pregnant! But I SURVIVED the weekend... an insane weekend... one that almost left me in tears in the Macy's dressing room. But that has passed and we conquered!!

Friday we swung over on the next block and picked up my Aunt for an intense day of grocery shopping. I usually don't like anyone else coming with me when I do my shopping because Im all business but last week I made an exception.

We had so much fun!! And stocked my house with yummy goodies. Saturday I had planned on bulk cooking but those plans got thrown out the window. I needed a dress for Molly's Honor Daisy ceremony and it had to be yellow... Yeah, try finding a yellow dress in October. NOT HAPPENING!!

So the kids and I searched every clothing store in SC for one. Im serious. We went to over 6 stores, not including Mall Department stores... all 4 of them... with no stroller and 9 very months pregnant on a Saturday... I was on the verge of tears by the time we hit Macy's. We decided to leave the mall with NO LUCK and hit just one more place. Burlington Coat Factory. And of course... JACKPOT. A beautiful gold glitter dress and shoes for a great price. The dress is UNBELIEVABLE... just breathtaking. The pictures do NOT do it any justice. So looking back, the pain and tears were worth it all.

After a very hairy afternoon of curling, glittering and dressing the girls, the night was such a sweet success.

She was gorgeous! As my friend said... A crown suites her.

Even Miss Molly was beautiful!

Afterwords, we celebrated with cake!! and celebrated that a very crazy weekend was over and we SURVIVED!!!!


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