Tuesday, October 26, 2010

For Those Of You Who Think They Know....

Comments are often made to me on how easy I have babies. How effortlessly I make it look. So, even though I looovvee bringing my new bundle home. I still go thru all the normal phases everyone else does. I never ever want to make it seem like I am perfect and don't have "those days..." or "Those weeks".... so, along with all those happy days that a new baby brings and along with all the joy and thankfulness I felt in holding my precious Penelope... I also:

1) Was a little shell shocked my first day home from the hospital ( as I am with all my new babies) I had a hard time processing the chaos our arrival brought and wanted to go back to the hospital where it was just me and her and no responsibility. I was finally glad to be home at around 10 pm that night when I slipped my sore and tired body underneath the covers of my super comfy bed.

2) The first few days I hid in the bathroom many times and cried. I cried because I loved everyone so much, I cried because I was scared my post pardum would come back, I cried because I felt bad Abigail was no longer the baby and I cried simply because I could.... ( can you say hormonal??)

3) After about 1 week I was still super sore. It hurt getting up from a sitting position, walking around and just being still. My uterus felt like it was beat up by a sumo wrestler and I feared it would just fall out. ( Hey, Im still working on my fears ok?? Stop judging) It hurt more then than it did right after delivery.

4) The first week home was rough. Every time I came into the room holding Sweet P. I was instantly surrounded by a sea of hands wanting to touch, hold, be right up in her face and kiss her. My instinctive mama bear protectiveness came out and found it hard to allow my other children to touch and crowd her. It was a struggle for days. Prayerfully I found a balance.

Im still taking things slow... or at least trying to with 6 kids. Im allowing for plenty of wiggle room and holding off on any commitments that might not give me the freedom I need right now. So, even though I may seem to handle 6 kids with ease, it took me a bit to get there... trial, error, tears, emotions and all the other normal things every other woman goes thru when they have a baby.

But its worth everything. Nothing compares to laying on the couch and smelling her sweet heavenly scent.


  1. Praying for you,and this transition. I am wondering myself ,just how I will handle baby number 6.Josie is not even going to be 2 yet.Thank you for your honesty.I know though it won't be easy,I will make it.Blessings to you ,and your family.You are in my thoughts,and prayers.One day at a time!Power of prayer!Marla Grace

  2. its okay to be human :) And its okay to do it well! I'm so glad you are finding your balance :)

  3. Thanks for sharing.
    Now I know how to pray.
    It is always a comfort to know others go through the same thing- I always say everytime I come home with a baby I think - Now, what am I supposed to do?
    Call me any time to chat- I am so proud of you- 6 kids!!!!

  4. Rest, rest, rest!

    As a mom of seven, I know how hard this can be -- but I remember after I had my sixth baby that my body was in need of some rest.

    I'm going to pray that you find your balance and that in the midst of it you find great joy in this babymoon time.

    (found you through the raisingarrows blog -- I'm blessed by your blog as well)


  5. I cried a lot after Baby #5. It was odd...happy tears, overwhelmed tears, I don't deserve this tears... It eventually stopped.

    It was hard for me to find balance after Baby #7 was born. I finally 'allowed' myself to spread out responsibilites (chores) and be much more laid back about school/housework. I also realized we were just going to be home a lot more. Because that's what was best for everyone. I try not to use the 'but I have 7 kids' excuse for everything...but really, 'I have 7 kids'...it makes life very different.

    I hope you continue to find balance. It will all come before you know it, and you'll wonder what the big deal ever was...

  6. So nice to know that other women go through this as well! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Kathi-
    Thanks for your comment... its nice when other women say they have gone thru it before. I think there is so much that happens to us that never gets put in books but new moms MUST know.

    Large families take on a whole new dynamic. I keep saying... "its amazing how one little precious bundle keeps throwing me off..."

    Again, thank you for your honesty!



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